Thursday, May 29, 2014

74 Seaside Avenue by Debbie Macomber (Cedar Cove #7) Character Follow Along (Spoilers Included)

Terri Miller Polgar is the main focus of this novel. I really did not like her in the last novel and I still don't overly enjoy her characters. Her marriage is still good to be true in my mind there is no way it would last in real life. Bobby and Terri barely spent any time together before getting married. In this novel Terri is being threaten by *gasp* a Russian Chess player who wants to beat Bobby. He threatens Terri and puts Bobby into a depression that lasts most of the novel. Meanwhile Terri finds herself pregnant, hides the pregnancy from her overprotective husband, who is overjoyed and buys the baby everything money can buy. Bobby beats the Russian chess player and their problems are over. I just made that sound really cheesy and truly it was because there was no mystery. It was easily figured out and we all knew Bobby would never lose.

Rachel Pendergast has a big decision to make in this novel. Does she marry Nate and move to San Deigo or does she stay in Cedar Cove? Terri believes that Rachel really does love Bruce, but Rachel says that she is just there for Jolene. Bruce begins to realize his feelings also and begins to show Rachel his love. Rachel goes to a political rally with Nate and realizes she could live this lifestyle. When Rachel is kidnapped by the Russian Chess Player's Body Guards and thinks she is going to die it is Bruce she thinks about not Nate. She breaks up with Nate and confesses her love to Bruce. Bruce doesn't believe her at first, but eventually believes her and they get together.

Linnette Macafee was one of the other big characters of the novel. She decides that she can't watch Cal Washburn and Vicki be together so she is leaving Cedar Cove with no destination. She ends up in Buffalo Valley, North Dakota where she meets Pete Mason. Pete Mason rescues Linnette from a tornado and she tells him the whole story. Linnette is working as a waitress where Pete comes to eat. Linnette believes that Pete Mason is rude, but he is just patiently waiting for her heart to heal. Maybe a romance will blossom in the next novel.

Will Jefferson, Olivia's brother, moves to Cedar Cove into Linnette's apartment. He is going to take over the Harbor Street Gallery. The town originally thinks he is going to create problems in Grace Harding's marriage and although he tries nothing happens.

Troy Davis, a rather minor character, reappears in this novel. He is the towns local sheriff and has always had a role int he novels, but never very big. Troy's wife Sandy died of MS two months earlier. His daughter Megan is at Troy's house constantly to keep her father's grief at bay. Troy begins a relationship with high school sweetheart Faith, but Megan believes Troy is not ready to move on after Sandy's death. So Troy does not tell his daughter about Faith. Meanwhile Megan learns she is pregnant. She is overjoyed until two months in she miscarries the baby. Troy feels guilty and breaks up with Faith just as she has sold her house in Seattle to move back to Cedar Cove. I believe they will rekindle their relationship in the next book. Megan has a health scare after her miscarriage. The doctor thinks she has MS too. We will find out in the next novel. Troy is very scared for his daughter.

Grace learns that her fourth Grandchild has arrived Kelly had her second baby Emma Grace. Olivia tells us that Justine is pregnant with her second child also. They are both going to have four grandchildren. Olivia has a health scare when her mammogram comes back funny. After a series of test it is discovered that Olivia has breast cancer. This makes the book very relatable. I have personally known many people who have had breast cancer. Most of the people I know have survived, but the person I know that is battling currently we know it is going to take her life and it has been terribly hard on us. The doctors are going to help her live as long as possible, but cancer is eventually going to take her life. Olivia is positive about her diagnosis. She is going to have surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I believe Olivia will be a trooper through it all. This is a highly relatable part of these novels.

Jack does not handle the news well and starts going to more AA meets to keep himself from drinking. It brings back the painful past of when Jack's son Eric had leukemia. He doesn't want to lose Olivia. Olivia is strong for the both of them as always.

Maryellen and Justine didn't have a big part in this novel at all. I hope to see more of them in the next novel. Maryellen finds an agent for Jon so he finally can practice his photography.

Pastor Dave Flemming and his wife Emily are to be featured in the next novel. Emily finds earrings in Dave's office and believes he is cheating on her. That is what is to be found in the next novel 8 Sandpaper Way.

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