Tuesday, May 23, 2017

COYER Summer Reading List Sign Up

I'm so excited for COYER this summer. The summer COYER allows you to read books in any format although I did take some books from my kindle because I do need to work on those books. This summer the challenge is to create a summer reading list of 30 books and read as many books as possible off the list. I made a list and I'm hoping I will read most of these books. I chose them from the 2013,2014,2015, and 2016 releases I meant to read lists as well as books I own that I want to read soon. 

My Bullet Journal Page to keep track of what I read. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book Review: Allie and Bea by Catherine Ryan Hyde (no spoilers)

Book: Allie and Bea
Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Publication: May 23, 2017
Source: Netgalley
Read: March 10-April 9, 2017
Summary (from goodreads):

Bea has barely been scraping by since her husband died. After falling for a telephone scam, she loses everything and is forced to abandon her trailer. With only two-thirds of a tank in her old van, she heads toward the Pacific Ocean with her cat—on a mission to reclaim what’s rightfully hers, even if it means making others pay for what she lost.

 When fifteen-year-old Allie’s parents are jailed for tax fraud, she’s sent to a group home. But when her life is threatened by another resident, she knows she has to get out. She escapes only to find she has nowhere to go—until fate throws Allie in Bea’s path.

 Reluctant to trust each other, much less become friends, the two warily make their way up the Pacific Coast. Yet as their hearts open to friendship and love from the strangers they meet on their journey, they find the courage to forge their own unique family—and begin to see an imperfect world with new eyes.

*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. *

My Thoughts:
The beginning of Allie and Bea is a mystery. We start off the book by meeting Bea and we have no idea how these two characters stories will connect. There is a lot of background information that the author goes over in the first part of the story. When we are introduced to Allie their stories are still completely separate. Allie's story in the beginning is very intense and heartbreaking. She goes through so many things that a child should never have to go through. Then fate brings Allie and Bea together. 

For me after they met is when the story started to make sense. I understand the title of the book after they meet. Then they started their adventure. Their adventure was really interesting at first, but it did have times that were boring. I really enjoyed getting to know these two characters better and how they connected over the course of the book. 

Hyde put in serious themes to Allie and Bea. These are situations that can happen to real people. Allie's situation weighed on my heart as a teacher because I have students that are in the foster system. Allie came from a good situation, but her parents got themselves in some deep trouble. I can't say I understand Bea's situation, but it is a good example of how people don't always choose to be homeless. Bea was barely making it by and after he money got stolen she had limited options. I think Allie and Bea is a great book. I really enjoyed learning about the characters and I think many other people would enjoy this book. The ending was a great conclusion to the story. I was happy for the characters and their future. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

My TBR List Review: Just One Day by Gayle Forman (no spoilers)

Book: Just One Day
Author: Gayle Forman
Publication: August 20, 2013
Source: Own
Read: Apr 29-May 7, 2017
Summary (from goodreads):

Allyson Healey's life is exactly like her suitcase—packed, planned, ordered. Then on the last day of her three-week post-graduation European tour, she meets Willem. A free-spirited, roving actor, Willem is everything she’s not, and when he invites her to abandon her plans and come to Paris with him, Allyson says yes. This uncharacteristic decision leads to a day of risk and romance, liberation and intimacy: 24 hours that will transform Allyson’s life.

 A book about love, heartbreak, travel, identity, and the “accidents” of fate, Just One Day shows us how sometimes in order to get found, you first have to get lost. . . and how often the people we are seeking are much closer than we know.

My Thoughts:
Just One Day was my April TBR list read. I have had this book on my TBR list since it came out and I purchased it last year. I have wanted to read this book for a long time, but it has been put on the back burner multiple times. I'm happy to have finally read this book.

I think the one word I would use to describe this book is mysterious. Allyson had a roller coaster 24 hours that changed her life forever. Then she had to go home and face the music of normal life. She has graduated high school and heads off to her first year of college. Allyson goes on a journey to find herself.

I have to say the part that I found hard about this book was her obsession with Willem. I couldn't understand how she could feel such a deep connection to him after one day. There were parts of the book that were slower because there wasn't much going on, but overall the book was fast paced. I really enjoyed Allyson's story and her journey through her first year of college. In her year at college she thought about Willem a lot, but this book was more about Allyson overall. Allyson found herself through her quest to find Willem and that is the message I take away from the book. I will be reading Just One Year soon.

This was my April TBR list. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

And the Winner is.....TBR List May 2017

You guys did great just picking a book without the summaries. Kill Me Softly won by one vote. I have had this book on my goodreads TBR for awhile, so I'm excited to read it. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

To Be Read List: May 2017 Voting

I'm breaking the rules this month. I chose three books from my deal me in/ fill in the gaps challenge. I'm skipping the summaries and letting you judge these books by their covers.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon April 2017: Finish Line

  1. Which hour was most daunting for you? I was really tired last night and went to bed around 10 pm, which is hour 15.
  2. Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year? Just One Day. 
  3. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next season? I know you guys have worked hard on cheerleading and you just don't get the results you want, but I would love to see official cheerleaders come back and not just to twitter, but for the blogs too. 
  4. What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon? the hourly updates and the mini challenges were great. 
  5. How many books did you read? 1
  6. What were the names of the books you read? Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks
  7. Which book did you enjoy most? Just One Day by Gayle Forman and Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks. 
  8. Which did you enjoy least? -
  9. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time? I will be back in April to participate as a reader again. 

8:13 to 9:19 pg 133-171
9:37-9:48 pg 171-181

I fell asleep beween these two reading sessions and then I ended up going to bed for the rest of the readathon. 

Time Read: 1 hour 8 minutes
Pages Read: 48
Total Time Read: 192
Total Pages Read: 4 hours 24 minutes

This readathon was by far not my best. I was a lot more tired than usual. I still made a lot of progress and I'm proud of that progress. This is my 9th readathon. I participated in my first readathon in April of my Senior year of high school and I am now almost a college graduate. I love this readathon and I'm going to continue to participate no matter how busy I get. It is the perfect time to set aside time to read. 

April 2013: 296 pages
Oct 2013: 92 pages
April 2014: 440 pages
Oct 2014: 417 pages
April 2015: 360 pages
Oct 2015: 256 pages
April 2016: 187 pages
October 2016: 183 pages
April 2017: 192 pages

April 2013: 8 hours 6 minutes
Oct 2013: 3 hours 44 minutes
April 2014: 11 hours 24 minutes
Oct 2014: 8 hours 44 minutes
April 2015: 9 hours 13 minutes
Oct 2015: 4 hours and 38 minutes
April 2016: 4 hours and 38 minutes
October 2016: 5 hours 40 minutes
April 2017: 4 hours 24 minutes

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dewey's Readathon April 2017: Hour 13 Update

Mid Event Survey
1. What are you reading right now? Just One Day by Gayle Forman
2. How many books have you read so far? Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks
3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon? more of Just One Day. 
4. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those? We moved my sister out of college, so I had a few hours where I wasn't reading.
5. What surprises you most about the Read-a-thon, so far? This readathon has been great and I have accomplished a lot. 

Hour 13 Update
Hello fellow readathoners. I'm back for an update. It has been awhile. We went and moved my sister out of college. She just has the bare essentials to last her through finals week. I took a nap in the car on the way home since I'm not able to read in the car anyways. Once we came home we got everything unpacked then I went back to reading. 

10:33 to 10:46 pg 50- pg 59
4:36 to 5:19 pg 59- pg 91
5:40 to 6:19 pg 91-122
6:37 to 6:53 pg 122-pg 133

Pages Read: 83
Time Read: 1 hr 49 mins
Total Pages Read: 144
Total Time Read: 3 hrs 16 mins

Dewey's Readathon April 2017 Hour 3 Update

Hour 3 Update:
So far my morning has been very successful. I woke up around 7:00, went to the bathroom, grabbed my phone, and my reading pillow. I was reading by 7:05. I finished Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks within the hour. Then I started Just One Day by Gayle Forman and I'm currently on page 31.

7:05 to 7:55 pg 452-482 Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks
8:08 to 8:45 pg 0 to pg 31 Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Pages Read: 61 pages
Time Read: 1 hour 27 minutes

Cover by Memory Mini Challenge
Here is my cover by memory. I think it is pretty good I just need to shade before I put the letters on. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Dewey's Readathon April 2017 Starting Line

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? South Dakota
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? Just One Day, Geekerella
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? don't know (didn't plan snacks this time around)
4) Tell us a little something about yourself! My name is Rachael. I have been blogging for four years now. This will be my 9th readathon. I'm now a senior in college and one week away from finishing student teaching. 
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
We are moving my sister out of college, so that will be a time during the day that I won't be reading. 

This is a scheduled post, but here is my plan for Saturday:
I'm planning on waking up around 7:00 to 8:00 am and reading in bed for an hour. Then I will eat breakfast and get ready to travel to move my sister out. When we get home then I will spend the rest of the day laying around and reading. I'm planning on starting the day by finishing Two by Two and then moving on to Just One Day by Gayle Forman. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ultimate Lazy Day: Dewey's Readathon April 29, 2017

The ultimate lazy day. I recently got an email with that headline What would you do on your ultimate lazy day? and that got me thinking this would make a great blog post and it has been a long time since I have written a discussion post.

I really have two lazy days a year where I try to plan absolutely nothing and literally just lay around the house all day. That is the two times a year Dewey's readathon happens. Dewey's readathon is my excuse to have the ulimate lazy day and spend as many hours reading as possible.

Here are my tips for your lazy day:

  • Plenty of Books!
    • I know for Dewey's Readathon this sounds pretty logical, but what about those unplanned mornings or afternoons where you just get to lay around?
    • Each book I finish during a readathon is special to me because I have spent hours reading this book and it has somehow managed to hold my attention. Therefore, these are the books I have chosen to recommend to you. 
      • Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
      • Five Summers by Una LaMarche
      • Burn for Burn by Sobian  Vivian and Jenny Han
      • Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
      • The Beginning of Everything by Robyn  Schneider
    • Attachments was the first book I ever started and finished during a readathon and it was an amazing book. Since then I have done it with The Beginning of Everything and Burn for Burn. Give yourself choices, so you can stay interested. 
  • Food!
    • Every lazy day needs food. Make up your favorite snacks and have them ready. I always like to make muffins and chex mix for days I plan to lay around all day. 
  • Blankets
    • I love my heated blanket for night, but it is too hot for the daytime, but I need a lighter blanket for the daytime. 
  • Limited Electronics
    • I can't be the only one who could spend an hour on my phone literally just scrolling through Facebook. So on lazy days I try to limit my time on my phone by putting it farther away. I make sure to let everybody know that I won't be around my phone much especially during the readathon. Do make sure you check in every couple of hours on 24hourreadathon.com to join in the mini challenges and read their hillarious update posts. 
  • Just Relax
    • Don't make yourself feel guilty. The dishes, laundry, etc can wait. Sometimes you need to treat yourself. 
What my lazy day schedule looks like-

Readathon days I like to wake up early because I'm crazy because I want to get as much reading done as possible. I always spend my first few hours in bed just reading away at those first few pages. Then when I do get up I make myself some breakfast and sit and read for usually another hour while I have my coffee. Then it is bath time. I love to relax in the hot water. Then after lunch it is all up in the air. Sometimes I will go back and lay in bed other times I will lay on the couch. I have to remember to move as it gets later into the night. I check in every so often on the website for updates, cheer on fellow readathoners, and update you guys here on the blog. I love Dewey's readathon and it is the best lazy day out there. I'm so excited that the next one is coming up on April 29. 

What do your lazy days look like? 

Friday, April 14, 2017

April Challenge Update 2017

I made it to April, 1st, 2017 without reading a single new release. I do have several on my radar this year, but I love to focus on the backlist books at the beggining of the year. I managed to read 16 books for the challenge. As always my goal is to reduce the number of books on my Goodreads TBR list and I failed at that part this year. I started at 368 books and I'm ending the challenge with 385 books on my Goodreads TBR.

Hosted by Fantasy is more fun and Because Reading
So unfortunately I made a C for this Quarter. I read A Thousand Nights in January, but did not finish a book off the list for February or March. 

This months topic is the top books that have been on your TBR list for the longest. I have so many good books that have been on my TBR list forever. I decided to choose 3 books that I want to read soon that have been on my shelf forever. 

1. 99 Days by Katie Cotungo- I loved How to Love by Katie Cotungo and I was so excited to win this book in a giveaway except I still haven't read this book, but I hope to soon. 

2. Just One Day by Gayle Forman- I have had this book on my TBR list for 3 years and owned it for a year. It won my TBR list voting this month, so this will be read in April. 

3. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson- I love Morgan Matson and I'm excited to read this book this summer. 

March Wrap Up and April TBR

March was a huge audiobook month for me. I listened to Anne of Green Gables, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, and Before I Fall as an audiobook. I read Okay for Now at school with my 6th graders and just barely finished it when I was done with my placement.

The Opposite of Me was a slow book and I did not end up enjoying this book. It really has slowed down my reading for the year. I however, loved The Sun is Also a Star and I'm excited to read more by Nicola Yoon.

I read one book off my March TBR. I'm currently read PS I Still Love You. I'm planning on reading Two by Two next and Just One Day is going to be my Dewey's readathon book.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April To Be Read List Winner

Hosted by Because Reading

Thank you so much for voting. I was pretty close to a three way tie, but I was lucky enough to have a winner. I do hope to read all of these books eventually, but I'm excited to read my winner for the month. 

Just One Day by Gayle Forman is my winner. I'm so excited to read another book by Gayle Forman. This will be my fourth book by this author. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April TBR List 2017 ~ Let's Vote

Hosted by Because Reading
I continue to look for those forgotten books on my goodreads TBR to read for My TBR List. You guys chose The Opposite of Me in February and I couldn't remember a thing about this book or why I added it to my list. I chose these three books from my Goodreads TBR using random.org and I'm so excited to see which one you guys pick. I think I'm going to enjoy any of these three books and as always I want to read them all eventually.

The amazing power and truth of the Rapunzel fairy tale comes alive for the first time in this breathtaking tale of desire, black magic and the redemptive power of love.

French novelist Charlotte-Rose de la Force has been banished from the court of Versailles by the Sun King, Louis XIV, after a series of scandalous love affairs. At the convent, she is comforted by an old nun, Sœur Seraphina, who tells her the tale of a young girl who, a hundred years earlier, is sold by her parents for a handful of bitter greens...

 After Margherita's father steals parsley from the walled garden of the courtesan Selena Leonelli, he is threatened with having both hands cut off, unless he and his wife relinquish their precious little girl. Selena is the famous red-haired muse of the artist Tiziano, first painted by him in 1512 and still inspiring him at the time of his death. She is at the center of Renaissance life in Venice, a world of beauty and danger, seduction and betrayal, love and superstition.

 Locked away in a tower, Margherita sings in the hope that someone will hear her. One day, a young man does.

 Award-winning author Kate Forsyth braids together the stories of Margherita, Selena, and Charlotte-Rose, the woman who penned Rapunzel as we now know it, to create what is a sumptuous historical novel, an enchanting fairy tale retelling, and a loving tribute to the imagination of one remarkable woman.

A modern-day fairy tale set in a mysterious museum that is perfect for readers of Roald Dahl and Blue Balliett.

 Unlikely heroine Ophelia Jane Worthington-Whittard doesn't believe in anything that can't be proven by science. She and her sister Alice are still grieving for their dead mother when their father takes a job in a strange museum in a city where it always snows. On her very first day in the museum Ophelia discovers a boy locked away in a long forgotten room. He is a prisoner of Her Majesty the Snow Queen. And he has been waiting for Ophelia's help.

 As Ophelia embarks on an incredible journey to rescue the boy everything that she believes will be tested. Along the way she learns more and more about the boy's own remarkable journey to reach her and save the world.

 A story within a story, this a modern day fairytale is about the power of friendship, courage and love, and never ever giving up.

Allyson Healey's life is exactly like her suitcase—packed, planned, ordered. Then on the last day of her three-week post-graduation European tour, she meets Willem. A free-spirited, roving actor, Willem is everything she’s not, and when he invites her to abandon her plans and come to Paris with him, Allyson says yes. This uncharacteristic decision leads to a day of risk and romance, liberation and intimacy: 24 hours that will transform Allyson’s life.

 A book about love, heartbreak, travel, identity, and the “accidents” of fate, Just One Day shows us how sometimes in order to get found, you first have to get lost. . . and how often the people we are seeking are much closer than we know.

 The first in a sweepingly romantic duet of novels. Willem’s story—Just One Year—is coming soon!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3/4 Done with Student Teaching

I'm 3/4 of the way done with student teaching! I finished my placement in Kindergarten in October and my placement in 5th grade in December. I'm now done with my 1st special education experience in 5th/6th grade. I honestly have had a really amazing student teaching experience and so far I have had three really great mentor teachers that have passed on their knowledge to me and helped me to become a better teacher. I'm especially thankful for this special education experience because she has really understood me and that I am in my 2nd semester of student teaching. She has given me so much freedom. We spent a few days together at the beginning of my placement and then she let me just take over her schedule and she spent some time with other students. She would come check in on me, but I really loved being left alone. I finally felt like I could do things my way and try some new things I have wanted to try. I just felt like she trusted me. She knew that if she did leave I still would be teaching and doing what I need to do. She saw my passion for teaching and she gave me the most amazing, honest evaluation.

After half a year in 5th/6th grade I'm extremely sad to leave this placement. I have spend a lot of time getting to know the 5th graders and I really have enjoyed working with them. I haven't had as much time with the 6th graders and although some days they make me want to pull my hair out I still enjoy teaching them and spending my days with them. I have gotten to know the staff in this building and everybody has been great as I go on this journey.

My final placement is in high school SPED. I'm super scared about my move to high school. I 'm going into a new building where I don't know my way around and I don't know any of the staff members. My biggest worry is the students and if they will accept me as their teacher for the time I'm there. I don't plan to work with high school students, but I need to give it my best shot during student teaching and perform well enough to pass my final evaluations for graduation. I need to pass one last observation by my university supervisor and once May 1st rolls around evaluations will be done and I can breathe. Fake it to you make it is my saying for high school. I'm sure I will grow to like the students, but I'm not meant to be a high school teacher. My dream is to be a kindergarten teacher and that dream still stands. I try to remember that when I first moved to 5th grade I was scared too because in my mind 5th graders were way too old. I have always loved the little kids, but it took me until student teaching to make me realize that I could be a great teacher to older kids also. I don't know that I will change my mind about high school, but I can most likely be a great teacher for the time being.

I have begun applying for jobs and I'm waiting to hear if I get interviews. I'm working on the last of my homework and I'm close to being done with homework for the semester, so I can focus on interviews. We have Thursday and Friday off this week and I'm excited to have such a long weekend. I'm so ready to have a classroom of my own and I'm so excited to embrace this adventure of being a 1st year teacher and giving my students my all.

Monday, March 6, 2017

February Wrap Up and March TBR

My reading slowed down a bit in February. I have been reading The Distance from A to Z since December and I finally decided I should finish it. This book overall fell really flat. It had so much potential to be a cute read, but I just didn't love it. I loved My Name is Rapunzel and I figured out why I have wanted to read this book since it came out. I had to interlibrary loan it, but it was so worth it. I loved the story and the history that the author gave Rapunzel. I may do a full review on this book. I recieved Intermission from Netgalley and I ended up really enjoying this book. It was such a deep YA contemporary and I did write a full review on this book. My last book of the month is I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You. I got this a couple of summer agos from SYNC audiobooks program they do in the summer. I finally decided to listen to it and I really enjoyed it. I'm currently listening to the 2nd book.

The book that slowed me down in February is The Opposite of Me, which I will have a review coming soon, but this book was slower than I would like and it took me a while to get into it.

I read 1/5 books of my TBR from last month.

I'm being ambitious this month as First Comes Love and Two by Two are both big books, but I'm hoping to also read some books I own this month as part of the Take Control of Your TBR Pile.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Take Control of Your TBR and Author Love Challenge Sign Up

Of course I have another month where I plan to take a break from library books and really focus on the books I own. I have so many wonderful books I would like to read, so I'm excited to get to a few of them in March. I will have my TBR list up soon. 

Along with the Take Control of Your TBR challenge I will be participating in the 24 hour readathon. This won't be anything as exciting as Dewey's readathon, but I hope that I enjoy this one and it will give me a great opportunity to really test out the new Bookout app. 

I have known about this challenge for several weeks now and I was having a hard time deciding if I would join. It sounds like such an excellent idea, but which author should I choose. I started going through my options and it was really hard to pick to be honest. I could Debbie Macomber, who has a million novels I haven't read, or I could pick Jodi Picoult, which I'm always saying I should read more of. I could pick Nicholas Sparks and read some of his older novels I haven't read. I'm proud to say I made my choice for this year and hopefully the challenge will return next year and I can choose a different author. For 2017 my author of the year is going to Kristen Hannah. 

I have read several novels by Kristin Hannah and I have loved every single one, but I would love to dive into more of her novels throughout 2017. 

Novels Read:
Firefly Lane
Fly Away
The Nightingale
Magic Hour
Night Road
True Colors
Winter Garden

Novels To Read:
Home Front
Angel Falls
Between Sisters
The Things We Do for Love
On Mystic Lake
Summer Island
Home Again
Distant Shores
The Glass Case
If You Believe
Waiting for the Moon
When Lightning Strikes
Once in Every Life
A Handful of Heaven

So do me a favor and push me to read some of these books this year. My goal is going to be to read 5 Kristin Hannah books this year. I might listen to a few of them as audiobooks. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February To Be Read List Winner February 2017

My Winner for the month of February is....

The Opposite of Me won by an overwhelming number. This book was a forgotten book on my TBR list, so I'm excited to read it. 

Book Review: Intermission by Serena Chase (no spoilers)

Book: Intermission
Author: Serena Chase
Publication: November 15, 2016
Source: Netgalley
Read: February 5-11, 2017
Summary (from Goodreads):
And this kiss . . .

 This kiss is everything I’ve needed to say . . . and longed to hear.

 Sixteen-year-old Faith Prescott eagerly awaits the day she will exchange her small Iowa hometown for the bright lights of Broadway, but her success-driven parents want her to pursue a more practical career, labeling “artsy” people—including their daughter—as foolish dreamers worthy of little more than disdain.

 When Faith meets nineteen-year-old Noah Spencer she discovers someone who understands her musical theatre dreams . . . because he shares them.

Faith’s mother despises everything about Noah—his age, his upbringing . . . even his religious beliefs—and she grasps at every opportunity to belittle his plans to study theatre and pursue a stage career. When those criticisms shift further toward hostility, resulting in unjust suspicions and baseless accusations, an increasingly fearful stage is set for Faith at home, where severe restrictions and harsh penalties are put in place to remove Noah Spencer from her life.

 But Faith has never connected with anyone like she has with Noah, and no matter how tight a stranglehold her mother enforces to keep them apart, Faith will not give him up. Behind the curtain, Faith’s love for Noah continues to grow . . . as does her determination to hold on to her dreams—and him—no matter how high the cost.

*I recieved this book for free in exchange for an honest revieve. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

My Thoughts:

I have to start off this review by saying I loved this book. I loved Faith and Noah and their relationship. Madeline Faith Prescott is 16 years old. She lives in the spotlight and loves acting. She can't wait to trade away her small town for her dream of a career in theathre. Her first connection with Noah begins with their shared love for acting. But it isn't too long into the book that you realize that everything is against them and their relationship. 

As the author states at the end of the end of the book she hopes that this book has moved you, but you can't ingore the more serious themes of this novel. Faith's parents rule is that they must meet any boy who their daughter is going to date. Noah isn't even given a chance. Once Faith's mother finds out that he is 19 years old. Every contact to Noah is taken away from Faith and they must make a decision that could change their entire worlds. It was really sad seeing Faith go through this harsh world with her mother. Especially when I knew the other side of Noah and I knew that the things she said about him weren't true. My heart broke for Faith. 

This book spans over 5 years and a lot changes in that time. I fell in love with Faith and Noah and I knew how I wanted the book to end, but there was a point that I thought this book was going to turn out totally different than I thought. I was kept in suspense to the very end. I think the theathre aspect was so fun and so different. I haven't read a book like this one ever. This book was amazing and I highly recommend this book. I'm so glad I read it. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

#Shelflove 2017: My TBR Pile

Hosted by Second Run Review, Chapter Break, and Bookworm Brandee. Sign Up Here. 

This year my starting number is 82 unread books on my TBR. I have read A Thousand Nights and The Infinite Moment of Us since taking this picture. 

Last year I had 57 unread books, so as you can see I did buy quite a few books this year, but I'm happy with the purchases I made. I'm hoping to just continue reading the books that I own this year and make progress in my TBR pile. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

January Wrap Up and February TBR 2017

I finished 6 books in January. I'm so proud that I finished this many books. My student teaching placement has allowed me to read 2 books at school so far. The teacher read The War that Saved my Life aloud in class, but he was going through it too slow, so I did end up finishing it as an audiobook. Then I read The Midwife's Apprentice with my reading group. I have been putting off The Infinite Moment of Us for so long and I loved it. A Thousand Wishes was okay, but will not be a favorite of this year. Then I'm continuing to catch up on the Faerie Tale series. I've only got three books to go and she is still writing, so I will not be finished just caught up. I was a little disappointed with Rapunzel, but I enjoyed The Little Mermaid. The books as always were quick reads.

I never posted a formal TBR on the blog, but I had one going in my bullet journal and I finished 4/8 books, so I did pretty good. I was a little over ambitious.

I only chose 5 books plus my TBR list winner for February. I don't know that I will complete all of these, but I will try. I'm currently reading My Name is Rapunzel and loving it so far.