Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Consumed by Homework

I have been thinking about it a lot in the past couple weeks. Did I take on too much this semester? Am I involved in too many things? Am I ever going to find free time?

In the last week or two my classes have really picked up the pace and as usual the professors got together and decided to schedule tests and quizzes at the same time. Not to mention group projects and papers that are due around the same time also. The way I describe it I have been running around with my head chopped up. I'm involved in two school of education organizations that I'm extremely passionate about. I have been involved in both the last three years. I involved in Reading Council and CEC, which is Council for Exceptional Children. Reading Council promotes literacy in my college community (I think it is pretty clear I'm obsessed with literacy. Hence the blog). Council for Exceptional Children is a special education club that advocates for special education students, but also holds a lot of great volunteer opportunities for members. I'm the treasurer for Reading Council and Vice President for CEC. This is the first year I have taken leadership positions in my entire life. In high school I never would have taken either of these positions. First of all in high school there was too much competition. I wasn't going to compete with the popular kids. I also don't have the confidence like I do here at college. College is the first time in my life I was able to join organizations that I'm actually interested in. Both of these organizations directly relate to my major. I have remained involved in these two clubs and eventually I believed that I had the power to make an even greater impact within these organizations hence the leadership positions.

The reason I have been running around with my head chopped off. I'll give you an example of my schedule

9-10 Class
1-2 Class
2-3 CEC Meeting
4-8 Two Class, but one is an hour and the other is three

8-12:15 Three Classes (back to back)
12:30-2 Classroom Observation
3-4 Class
4-5 School of Education Recruitment

Of course this isn't my schedule every week just this week I have a lot of stuff, but as you can see on Mondays I have quite a few breaks throughout the day. I go swimming from 11:00-12:00. Then I eat lunch and go to class. I use the rest of the breaks to work on homework. When I come back on Monday's I get out of class at 8. I'm exhausted! I usually watch an episode of netflix and I'm in bed by 9 to 9:30. This week's Tuesday was especially crazy. My first class of the day we were teaching a lesson, so I was especially nervous for that, but I think I did well. I had three classes in the morning and then we set up an observation at an elementary school for one of my classes, and then I had time to shower and eat lunch around 2. Then it was back to class and then we had a recruitment opportunity for the student organizations I'm involved in.

After I was done with my day of course I just wanted to relax, but I have homework piling up like no other despite getting a lot done the previous weekend. I ate a quick supper and then headed to the public library. I choose the public library over my campus library because there is less people, and
my sleepy self.
therefore less distractions. I love to people watch, so if there is people around me talking I will focus more on them then what I'm supposed to be doing. I stayed there until close to their closing time at 9, and then headed home. Since, I did do all my homework for tomorrow I watched an episode of Once Upon a Time, and now I'm doing some blogging before I go to bed.

The true essensence of being consumed by homework is that even the book I'm reading right now is for one of my classes. It is called A Step from Heaven by An Na, but at least I'm enjoying it and I will review this book when I'm finished. Literally when you put it in perspective my life is consumed with school from when I start classes to the book I read before I go to bed. Will it ever end?

But I do find some time for fun in my college career and I will talk about that in a post real soon. Good Night


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  1. I'm impressed that you get in bed around 9 or 9:30! That takes some serious self-discipline. Hope your busy school life calms down soon and that you have time to read some books for fun and just relax :)


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