Monday, March 5, 2018

February Wrap Up and March TBR

February was a meh month for reading. I didn't have any 5 star books and it is really hard to pick out a favorite for the month. None of these will end up being end of the year favorites.

Destiny Rewritten was a middle grade book about Katherine trying to find her distiny as she wants and not how her mom wants her destiny to be. There was a lot of poetry references in the book since the main character was named after Emily Dickenson. This was a quick read, since it was middle grade, but I just expected to like it better.

Princess Academy is a middle grade book also. I just expected this to be different than it actually was. I expected it to be more like Jessica Day George's Princess of the Midnight Ball. It was totally not the princess book I expected. Miri isn't even technically a princess in this book and it just didn't have the fairy tale feel I was looking for. I will end up continuing the series because I did enjoy it for the most part.

Mercy was a part of a readalong I hosted with the Jodi Picoult goodreads group. I read this book fast because I was hoping to finish a couple more books in the month, but that did not end up happening. I had some issues with Mercy, but I did end up enjoying it.

Panis was my worst read of the month. I listened to it on audiobook and I just never got into the book. I watched Jessethe reader's review and I probably got more out of that review than I did out of Panic itself. I thought this book was really bad, the characters had no personality, and they did some really stupid things. I just never felt a connection to the characters throughout the book.

I read 2/5 books from my TBR last month, so hopefully I can read a few more this month.

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  1. Sorry it wasn't a better month! February was also a meh month for me, which is sad. I haven't read any of the books you finished, though I did start and put down Princess Academy when I was younger. I keep meaning to go back to it, but haven't been in the right mood. I'm trying to boost myself up by reading more (hopefully excellent) books this month. Happy reading!


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