Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Fallen by Ann Hunter (no spoilers)

Book: Fallen
Author: Ann Hunter
Publication: October 3rd, 2014
Source: Author for Review
Read: Jan 5-Feb 4, 2015
Summary (from Goodreads):

"Once upon a time, I fell in love. Madly, deeply. With my whole being. I'd do anything for the girl who robbed me of my heart. I tried to save her... but darkness came. The ban sidhe, Crwys, death herself, wants me for her own. She thinks I am someone from her past, and she will not rest until I submit. I have secrets. Some I can barely live with myself for, and every night I dream of two women. One I cannot save, the other I cannot escape...."
--Prince Sylas of Killeagh
My Thoughts:
*I received Fallen in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own and I was in no way compensated for this review*

For Sylas Mortas happily ever after is not meant to be. Once upon a time Sylas fell madly in love with Ciatllait. Sylas tried with all his heart to save the girl who robbed him of his heart. 

I loved Subtle Beauty by this author. Then I didn't love Moonlight quite as much, but still enjoyed it. Fallen so far has been my least favorite read by this author. I was really engrossed in the beginning that is until Ros came in. Ros is a chicken and this is a retelling of The Frog Prince. I had littler interest in his character and he didn't fit very much in the story. 

I fell in love with Ciatllait (Laittie) as a character and when she was in part of the scene this book shined. Most of the first 50% of this book I was bored with Sylas story. I understand he was heart broken, but there wasn't a strong storyline. Then once I got past 50% the book really picked up and I was so interested in Sylas's nigthmare. Sylas makes a deal with Crwys that is selfish and takes him away from his love. Sylas's spends most of the book trying to get back to Laittie. Some part of this book were so emotionally heartbreaking. 

I was very intrigued in the last little bit when Hunter mixed in the story of Moonlight into Fallen. I'm glad I finished Moonlight before reading this book. I will say that Fallen was not by favorite by Ann Hunter, but I do enjoy her as an author and will continue to read her books. Although I didn't overly enjoy Fallen. I think it was okay and was still worth reading for me. I will continue reading this author's books.

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