Monday, June 8, 2015

6-1-15-6-7-15 Crazy Week!

This last week has literally been crazy. I managed to get in one run this week on a very windy day, but that was the extend of exercise this week.

The first two weeks of June I help a local teacher out with Kindercamp. This is a week long program for future kindergarten students, so they get an introduction to kindergarten. This is my fourth year volunteering. It has been great teaching experience.

Then after Kindercamp I went to work every day except Tuesday and worked until 6. If you don't know I work at a daycare center. On Monday I worked 2:30-6:00 since Kindercamp gets over at Noon I got a couple hours to relax at home. Then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I was the preschool teacher. I ate lunch quick and then came to work by 12:30 and stayed until 6. I'm a float at work so I'm used to be in different rooms all the time. It was fun to spend three days with the preschoolers. On Wednesday we had nap time and played outside. Then on Thursday the preschoolers got to go to the pool with the school kids. Then on Friday we played outside in little plastic pools and had time outside after snack.

The thing that made the week really stressful was school. I'm taking two summer classes this summer and my second one just started. I was really upset on Thursday since the professor thought the class was supposed to end July 31st and it is supposed to end July 2nd. I emailed him immediately because I actually want to have a summer vacation this year. He ended up fixing it by Friday. I had a text from my friend when I got off work telling me to check my email because it had good news. I'm almost done with my 1st summer class and the 2nd one is just starting, but only a few more papers and projects and I will be on summer vacation. At least I won't have school for about 2 months.


  1. Kindercamp sounds like a great idea for getting kids warmed up for kindergarten. I am sure that was exhausting, and with work (at a daycare no less) and life too. Stars! I am glad that you survived it, Rachel.

    1. Well I'm doing the same thing this week, but after this week it will just be daycare again. Thanks for stopping by.


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