Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dewey's Readathon Hour 5 update

Good Morning Readathoners! Dewey's Readathon is one of my favorite times of the year! A time set aside for reading with 1000s of other people around the world. I woke up this morning around 8:15 and got reading right away. For the first time this year I'm an official cheerleader. I'm on #teamdogwood, so I hope to get to every blog on my team. 

It seems every readathon I start by finishing a book I was previously reading. I only had 14 pages of this book left. I have been reading it since September. From 8:23 to 8:40 I read from page 386 to 401. 

Then I picked out another book to read off my stack and so far I think I have picked a winner with this one. 
8:47 to 9:06 pg 0 to pg 14
9:21 to 9:30 pg 14 to pg 23
9:45 to 9:55 pg 23 to pg 32

Pages Read: 47
Time Read: 55 minutes


  1. Yay on picking a winner for your next read. It's always great went you feel yourself sinking into the opening of a book and thinking...I'm going to like this one! Happy Hour 6 (almost hour six I think!) Deb from #teamsycamore

    1. Hour 9 now, crazy how fast this readathon is going.

  2. Finishing off a book that's been in the works for a while always feels good. And thanks for being one of the cheerleaders this time — it feels so good to get a comment urging one on. :)

    1. Yes it is great to finish this book and be able to start new ones.


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