Sunday, March 27, 2016

Life Update March 2016

I have really slowed down with the blog this semester. I'm taking 21 credits and part of those credits is spending around 15 hours a week in a Head start classroom/Daycare setting. That is all slowly coming to an end. April 1st is my last day at the Daycare and April 15th is my last day at Head Start if everything goes according to plans. I only have five more weeks of the normal semester left and then it is finals week. It is so crazy how fast this semester is coming to an end when I really think it has been going so slow.

I have worked a couple days at my summer Daycare job during the month of March. I worked a couple Fridays because we are short staffed. It was nice to have the extra income during the school year. I'm working with my boss right now to figure out my summer hours. It is going to be a different summer with student teaching coming up this fall. I usually work right up until I go back to school, but this year I get to help my mentor teacher get the classroom ready for the students. I'm going to try to work as many days as possible, but I'm not really sure what August will hold. Next year as I look toward my first teaching job I can plan accordingly and make it work around my work schedule instead of the other way around.

Next school year I will be student teaching at a school that is about 30 minutes from my house. The first 9 weeks I will be teaching Kindergarten and then the 2nd 9 weeks I will be teaching 5th grade math and science. The 2nd semester I will be teaching Special Education split between Elementary and Middle School or High School. I'm super excited to start my future and start interviewing for my first teaching job.

For now I'm looking forward to summer. My friend Rachel eloped in March and her wedding reception is the first weekend we are out of school. Then my sister, Renae graduates high school on May 21st. May is a busy month exciting month, but I'm looking forward to no classes this summer and just enjoying my time.

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