Friday, February 17, 2017

Take Control of Your TBR and Author Love Challenge Sign Up

Of course I have another month where I plan to take a break from library books and really focus on the books I own. I have so many wonderful books I would like to read, so I'm excited to get to a few of them in March. I will have my TBR list up soon. 

Along with the Take Control of Your TBR challenge I will be participating in the 24 hour readathon. This won't be anything as exciting as Dewey's readathon, but I hope that I enjoy this one and it will give me a great opportunity to really test out the new Bookout app. 

I have known about this challenge for several weeks now and I was having a hard time deciding if I would join. It sounds like such an excellent idea, but which author should I choose. I started going through my options and it was really hard to pick to be honest. I could Debbie Macomber, who has a million novels I haven't read, or I could pick Jodi Picoult, which I'm always saying I should read more of. I could pick Nicholas Sparks and read some of his older novels I haven't read. I'm proud to say I made my choice for this year and hopefully the challenge will return next year and I can choose a different author. For 2017 my author of the year is going to Kristen Hannah. 

I have read several novels by Kristin Hannah and I have loved every single one, but I would love to dive into more of her novels throughout 2017. 

Novels Read:
Firefly Lane
Fly Away
The Nightingale
Magic Hour
Night Road
True Colors
Winter Garden

Novels To Read:
Home Front
Angel Falls
Between Sisters
The Things We Do for Love
On Mystic Lake
Summer Island
Home Again
Distant Shores
The Glass Case
If You Believe
Waiting for the Moon
When Lightning Strikes
Once in Every Life
A Handful of Heaven

So do me a favor and push me to read some of these books this year. My goal is going to be to read 5 Kristin Hannah books this year. I might listen to a few of them as audiobooks. 

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