Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ultimate Lazy Day: Dewey's Readathon April 29, 2017

The ultimate lazy day. I recently got an email with that headline What would you do on your ultimate lazy day? and that got me thinking this would make a great blog post and it has been a long time since I have written a discussion post.

I really have two lazy days a year where I try to plan absolutely nothing and literally just lay around the house all day. That is the two times a year Dewey's readathon happens. Dewey's readathon is my excuse to have the ulimate lazy day and spend as many hours reading as possible.

Here are my tips for your lazy day:

  • Plenty of Books!
    • I know for Dewey's Readathon this sounds pretty logical, but what about those unplanned mornings or afternoons where you just get to lay around?
    • Each book I finish during a readathon is special to me because I have spent hours reading this book and it has somehow managed to hold my attention. Therefore, these are the books I have chosen to recommend to you. 
      • Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
      • Five Summers by Una LaMarche
      • Burn for Burn by Sobian  Vivian and Jenny Han
      • Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
      • The Beginning of Everything by Robyn  Schneider
    • Attachments was the first book I ever started and finished during a readathon and it was an amazing book. Since then I have done it with The Beginning of Everything and Burn for Burn. Give yourself choices, so you can stay interested. 
  • Food!
    • Every lazy day needs food. Make up your favorite snacks and have them ready. I always like to make muffins and chex mix for days I plan to lay around all day. 
  • Blankets
    • I love my heated blanket for night, but it is too hot for the daytime, but I need a lighter blanket for the daytime. 
  • Limited Electronics
    • I can't be the only one who could spend an hour on my phone literally just scrolling through Facebook. So on lazy days I try to limit my time on my phone by putting it farther away. I make sure to let everybody know that I won't be around my phone much especially during the readathon. Do make sure you check in every couple of hours on to join in the mini challenges and read their hillarious update posts. 
  • Just Relax
    • Don't make yourself feel guilty. The dishes, laundry, etc can wait. Sometimes you need to treat yourself. 
What my lazy day schedule looks like-

Readathon days I like to wake up early because I'm crazy because I want to get as much reading done as possible. I always spend my first few hours in bed just reading away at those first few pages. Then when I do get up I make myself some breakfast and sit and read for usually another hour while I have my coffee. Then it is bath time. I love to relax in the hot water. Then after lunch it is all up in the air. Sometimes I will go back and lay in bed other times I will lay on the couch. I have to remember to move as it gets later into the night. I check in every so often on the website for updates, cheer on fellow readathoners, and update you guys here on the blog. I love Dewey's readathon and it is the best lazy day out there. I'm so excited that the next one is coming up on April 29. 

What do your lazy days look like? 

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