Sunday, June 4, 2017

April and May Wrap Up and June TBR

 April was my last full month of student teaching and boy did I understand how much teachers want to be done towards the end of the year. I was enjoying my experience, but so ready to be done at the same time. I listened to Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island on audiobook on the way to school. Allie and Bea is a book I recieved through netgalley. It took me a while to read, but I really enjoyed it. The two physical books I read this month are PS I still Love You and Two by Two. I really enjoyed both of these books. I read Jake Reinvented with one of my junior English students.
May was a slower month for reading. I finished Just One Day and Geekerella pretty quickly. I read PS I Like You by Kasie West for the rest of the month. I really enjoyed Just One Day. It was mysterious and it kept me guessing throughout the book. I think Geekerella was cute, but I wasn't the biggest fan. I'm glad I was able to have a few naptimes to finish this book quickly.

I'm very proud to announce that on my last TBR I have read all the books I set for myself. It may have only had three books, but I'm still proud that I have read them all. My TBR for June is a bit ambitious. I really want to read all these books this month, but some might roll over to July.


  1. The Names They Gave Us is on my (very large) summer TBR -- I've heard that Kleenex will be required!

    1. I have heard that too. I'm excited to read it.


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