Summer 2016 Reading Challenges

Hosted by Whole Latte Books
This challenge is all about reading fun summer books and I will read any book that has the word summer in the title. I will have a post coming up soon stating what books I would like to read this summer and most if not all the books in that post will count for this challenge. 

1. Summer Days and Summer Nights by Various Authors

The laid back version of COYER. Any book read after June 18th counts. The ultimate idea is to clean out your ereader, which I will be working on. 

1. Summer Days and Summer Nights (hardcover)
2. My Lady Jane (library ebook)

My goal is to read 300 pages per week during this challenge, which lasts the whole month of July.
Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Hosted by Candid Cover
My goal is to read 6 books during this challenge. 

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