Thursday, January 18, 2018

Series 2018

This will be my fifth year posting my series goals for the year. You can check out my Series 2014, Series 2015,  Series 2016, and Series 2017 2017 was another year where I mostly read standalones, but I also finished some series that have been on this list since 2014, so I'm proud of that. I still have a number of series I'm in the middle of and as always series I would like to start, but haven't. 

Series I have Started, But Haven't Finished
Hundred Oaks Series by Miranda Kenneally- I read the last book in this series, Coming up for Air when I recieved it for review. It was fine to read the last book first because each book in the series is about a different character. I'm hoping to read the rest of the books in the series this year. 

Castle Glower by Jessica Day George- I didn't read any more in this series last year, but I probably will return to it this year. They are quick reads so it is a series I hope to finish. 

Once Upon a Time by Various Authors- I read Golden and Sunlight and Shadow in 2014. I read The Wild Orchid and Before Midnight in 2017. I really have enjoyed all the books I have read in this series. 

Faerie Tale Collection by Jenni James- I read The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Rapunzel, and The Little Mermaid in 2017. The author is still adding books to the series, so I will not complete the series this year, but I hope to catch up with the series in 2018. 
Fangirl & Carry On by Rainbow Rowell- Rainbow Rowell wrote the companion novel to Fangirl in 2015. I had this on my TBR several times in 2016, but never managed to read it. Hopefully I will in 2018. 
Just One Day by Gayle Forman- I read Just One Day in April for Dewey's readathon. I'm hoping to get to Just One Year early in 2018 to finish off the duology. 
Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery- I started the Anne of Green Gables series in 2017. This is a series I have wanted to read for awhile despite never publishing it on the blog. This series brought back a lot of nostalgia of watching the show on PBS as a kid. There is also a new series on Netflix that I'm watching and loving. I read the first three books in the series as audiobooks in 2017. 

Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter- This was a series I randomly picked up in 2017 when I was looking for more books to listen to on audiobooks. I tend to really want to listen to series on audiobook because it gives me endless books to check out after I'm done with the current audio. I read the first 2 books in 2017 and I really enjoyed them. 

Haven't Started, but Want to
The Blossom Street Series by Debbie Macomber- I will most likely start this series after I finish with Cedar Cove. I love Debbie Macomber and read several books about her per year. 

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis- the series is complete and I hope to start it soon. 

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale- this looks like another great series I will enjoy. 

Queen of Hearts Saga by Colleen Oakes- this is an Alice in Wonderland retelling. The series is not compete, but would be a great one to start in 2017. 

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski- I own the first two books and the last one came out in 2016. I hope to start and finish the series. 
Series I Finished in 2017

The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare- I finished Clockwork Princess this year. I so enjoyed this series and my one last glimpse at Tessa's world. I think it was a great ending to the series.
Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver- This series has been on the list for a long time. I listened to the first book towards the end of 2016. I read Pandemonium and Requiem through audiobook this year. The first book was by far the best in the series. I found Pandemonium to be boring and I didn't like the ending. Requiem redeemed the series and I did enjoy this book. I'm happy to have finished the series. 

To All the Boys I Have Loved Before by Jenny Han- Another great trilogy by Jenny Han. I fell in love with the characters and really enjoyed getting to know Lara Jean and Kitty over the course of this series. I think it was a beautifully written series and has become one of my favorites.

Cedar Cove Series by Debbie Macomber- I only had one book to go in the Cedar Cove Series, but the series is complete. I finished the last book and it was a great ending to the series. I so love Debbie Macomber's books and this was a great series. I originally started reading it for the Hallmark Original series, but the show has since been canceled. I finished the series and I really enjoyed it. 

The War that Saved my Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley- This duology was the best thing that came out of my student teaching experience. I was in my sped student teaching and we went into the classroom with a student and the 6th grade reading teacher was reading this to his class. I had missed the beginning, but I was so interested in the book. I read the first book as an audiobook and I fell in love with The War that Saved my Life. It is by far my favorite book of the year. I read it back in January and I have been singing its praises all year long. I just read The War I Finally Won and it was a great book also. I read it within a span of four days and it was equally amazing as the first book. This is a great series and if I could recommend any series to my readers it would be this series. 


  1. Oooh yay for Miranda Kenneally's books! I read the first one until Jesse's Girl and LOVED them all, except for one... I can't remember if it was Racing Savannah or Stealing Parker. How was the last book!? <3 Also excited to see The Winner's Curse here. I read the first book and enjoyed it so much, but I haven't picked up the rest of the books yet.

    Good luck, Rachael! <3

    - Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    1. Coming Up for Air was a great book. I loved it and it makes me excited to read the rest of the series. I own a couple books in the Winner's Curse and I haven't read it yet.


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