Sunday, February 16, 2014

Don't Let It End Reading Challenge Sign Up

Hosted by Fiktshun

February 14th through July 14th
I decided to join the Don't Let It End challenge to further help me finish some of those series I'm in the middle of. I made a spreadsheet yesterday thanks to The Snuggly Oranges

I learned that in my lifetime I have completed 16 series. I have 11 series that I need to finish, and I have 5 series that I have given up on. 
It is not very easy to see, but some of these series are short like only two books so I could finish them easily while others I have quite a bit to read before I reach the end. Then there is books like The Lunar Chronicles where I'm still waiting for the next book to come out. I have been reading the Little House: Caroline Years series for several years. I have two books left so I do really hope to finish that series.



  1. Blog hopping! :) This looks like a really good challenge, but I'm too busy to collate all my series read. Thank God for Goodreads, though! Goodluck! :)

    My Book Musings

    1. I'm hoping it will help me to finish some of my series I keep starting series and taking forever to finish them.


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