Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Month of Rapunzel: Rapunzel Retellings I Missed

Even with a full month of posts and about a year of planning I still was not able to cover every Rapunzel retelling out there. So since the month has come to an end I'm excited to share this list with you. Keep in mind that I did have guest reviews of a couple books on the list, but I'm excited to read the other books.

1. Into the Wild and Out of the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst- very excited to read this two Rapunzel retellings. Deb highly recommends them so I know they will be great.
2. Swan Sister by Ellen Datlow- This is my random read for March so I'm bound to read it at some point.
3. Twice Upon a Time: Rapunzel the one with all the hair by Wendy Mass- I hoped to read this one for the event, but didn't get the chance.
4. Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon Hale- I was lucky to have a guest reviewer for this book. Debz from Debz Bookshelf that made me want to read it even more.
5. Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth- Bonnie @ a Backwards Story reviewed this one during her Week of Rapunzel so I knew it was one I would want to read.
6. My Name is Rapunzel by KC Hilton- I have wanted to read this one since it came out, but I have to wait until I can Inter Library Loan it.
7. Sold for Endless Rue by Madeleine E. Robins-  Bonnie @ A Backwards Story reviewed this book during  A Week of Rapunzel and let me repost the review for my readers so I'm excited to read it.
8. Tower in the Woods by Tara Quan- This one was recommended. I don't know if I would really enjoy this one. It is more of a paranormal fiction.
9. Saving Rapunzel by Jamie Campbell- I have this one on the computer so I hope to read it soon. I have been struggling to read on the kindle app. I still prefer paperback.
10. The Crystal Heart by Sophie Masson- This one hasn't came out yet, but I'm sure it is deemed to be a beauty.


  1. So many great books that I have yet to read (aside from Rapunzel's Revenge)! I think I have Bitter Greens on hold from the library, so I'll have to pick it up! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this event!

    1. I so enjoyed hosting this event. I still have my wrap up post coming. Then unfortunately A Month of Rapunzel will come to an end.

  2. Your background is gorgeous! Love it.

    I haven't heard of most of these and have read none-better get to it! Love retellings so much!

    1. Yes Please go ahead and read some of them. I hope to get to a number of these soon. There is enough for a whole another Month of Rapunzel.


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