Saturday, April 12, 2014

The TBR Triple Dog Dare Wrap Up

At the point when I started this challenge I had 210 books on my Goodreads TBR list. I wanted to lower down my TBR list and although I did read books off my TBR list I continued to add new books that I want to read. I read 15 books for this challenge and my Goodreads TBR is up to 239 books. 

I count this challenge as a success even though I did not manage to get my Goodreads TBR down. I added many more books to read. 

Here's all the books I completed from January to April 2014 that were not published in 2014. I took 15 books off my Goodreads list to make room for the other books I plan to read. 


  1. hahaha...I do the same thing Rachel I read 10 books and add did good. We may never read all of our books but it sure is fun trying.

    1. Yes I totally agree. This was a fun challenge to take part of.


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