Sunday, March 8, 2015

February Wrap Up and March TBR

I read 3/5 books off my February TBR List. I read 7 books in February. 2 were Kindle books and 5 were Physical.

I started the Princess series by Jessica Day George in January and finished it in February. I really enjoyed this series. Fairest was another one of my favorite for this month. I read it in a day and really enjoyed getting to know more about Levana's story.

  • $1.00 for every week I swim twice a week 
  • $1.00 for every week I exercise twice a week
  • $.10 for every monthly keyword challenge book completed
  • $.20 for every book I read that I own
  • $.10 for every series finished
  • $.10 for every library book read
  • $.30 for every kindle ebook read
  • $ .05 for every $10 saved using coupons
  • $ .05 for every $1 saved in textbooks purchases.
Here is my book budget.
I only swam twice in a week once in February, so $1.00 earned.
I exercised at least twice 3 out 4 weeks in February, so $3.00 earned.
Princess of the Midnight Ball and Princess of Glass were both Monthly Keyword books, so that is . 2o cents earned.
I did not read any books I own in February.
I finished the Princess series, so .10 cents earned.
I read 5 library books so that is .50 cents earned.
I read 2 kindle books and earned .60 cents.
I have saved $17.32 cents with coupons so far this year. That is .05 cents earned towards the book budget.

I had $1.23 left over in my January book budget and I add on $5.45 for February. My total budget at this point is $6.68.

I'm not really planning on a set TBR list this month. I'm focusing on Book I own for the Take Control of Your TBR Challenge hosted on Kimba the Caffienated Book Reviewer. I have a shelf on Goodreads for my Owned Books. I'm hoping to get as many as possible done this month.

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  1. Great reading month! I love Jessica Day George's books!


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