Monday, March 9, 2015

My Resources for Getting Free or Cheap Books

I skipped February's budget post. Opps, but my budget can be found in my monthly wrap up each month. 

1. Library
How can I have a free book post without the library? The library is my number one resource for free books. The problem with the library is that you have to be patient and there is a deadline on the book. I love the library. It gives me the resources to read all the books I read. I can't afford to buy an entire library otherwise I would, but thankfully I can support my local library and they can support my reading habits.

Here's an interesting fact. I currently have three library cards. That's right three. I'm a college student so I have my local library at home, which is still my most used library because I grew up in a big city and this library has more selection. My Student ID is my library card for my University Library. To this date I have not checked out any books since the library is more focused on research then reading. Then there is the public library in my college town, which doesn't have the widest selection or the greatest hold system, so I use them, but rarely. My advice is to take advantage of being a dual member at a couple library systems if you can.

2. Friends
Right now the only friend I have that read is my roommate, Ashley. She borrows me books every so often and I let her read my books. It is great to start a swapping system so the book can get read more times.

3. Amazon
I have a kindle fire and find many free or cheap books on Amazon.

I hope to learn about more places to get cheap or free books through this months posts.


  1. Those are my 3 major ways of getting them :)

  2. Friends are a great resource for free books :)

  3. Those are my main ways of getting free books as well!

  4. Rachel, have you learned of any other sources via the posts from other participants?

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews


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