Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summer TBR Wipeout Wrap Up

During the Summer TBR Wipeout I decied to use my COYER summer reading list. For coyer I had to choose 30 books fullying knowing I would not read all 30 books off the list, but I chose a mixture of books that I wanted to read this summer hoping I would at least get to some of them. Throughout the summer I have mostly stuck to this list without problem. I read 7 books off the list at this point. I might add a few more before COYER finishes up. I have not finished The Crystal Heart yet, but I think I will finish that this weekend. 

This challenge literally flew by. I enjoyed every second and it really motivated me to move some books off my TBR. 


  1. Wow, you were able to move a lot of books off your TBR. Impressive!

  2. The challenge did seem to go quickly this year, didn't it? You have read so many books that I am inspired to knock a few more of mine off before the fall starts. Thanks for joining me in the challenge this summer! :)


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