Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer TBR Wipeout Challenge Update #2

Since my last update I have managed to read one more book off my TBR list. I finished The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord and boy I loved this book so much. It was sad, but at the same time it was a fun summer read. I really think the main character Lucy grew so much over the course of this book. 

I finished Flame in the Mist this week for the biannual bibliothon. This book was not part of my summer tbr or my tbr at all, but I enjoyed this book and it left so many questions. The sequel needs to come soon. 

I'm currently reading Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey. I'm loving this book so far. I needed myself a good fairy tale retelling to take a break from contemporaries. This book is not on the list either, but the next book I'm planning on reading is on the list, so I will get another one checked off before the finale of TBR Wipeout. 


  1. I am forever adding books to my TBR, so I totally understand why you would want to add Flame In the Mist. I am hoping for a sequel soon, too! I hope that you enjoy the next few books that you read for the challenge. ;)

  2. I just bought Flame in the Mist and I cannot wait to read it. But I thought it was a standalone; I wonder when the sequel is releasing. As much as I try to defeat my TBR, I keep adding more amazing books to the pile. Good luck with your TBR! Happy reading!


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