Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 Spreads to Track Books in My Bullet Journal

I have been bullet journaling for a little over a year now. I started in November 2016. I was so excited to set up my spreads for 2017 and now I have had a year to try out those yearly spreads and I have figured out what works and what I wanted to change for the New Year. Let's face it there just isn't enough bookish bullet journal spreads on the internet. I'm always making new spreads throughout the year. I will try to do another bullet journal post further on in the year.

Here's one of my first posts. Every year I take a picture of all the books I own. I post the picture in my bullet journal to look at throughout the year and see which books I have read. 

This is one of my favorite spreads. I found it on pinterest. It is all the series I'm in the middle of. I just make a box for each book in the series and then cross off the books as I read them. I love how simple this page is and I left enough room to add new series that I start. 

The next few pages are dedicated to a reading challenge I join through goodreads. This is a repeat spread because it worked last year to complete the tasks for the challenge. What I do is when I finish a book and log it I go check if there are any tasks in the challenge it can qualify for. 
I absolutely love how this page turned out. If you are a long time follower of my blog you would know that I have been doing my personal deal me in challenge since 2015. I have 2 years left of the challenge, so I really need to buckle down and read these books. I have the list sorted and wrote on a deck of cards. I was just going to write down all the hearts, but then I decided to color code it, so I shuffled the deck and wrote down the cards in a random order based on the color code. I love how it turned out. The only problem is I don't want to cross books off, which is the point of the page. I haven't got it in my heart yet and I may have to start another page for the books I read. 

This page is simple just a list of books I read from the library. I did decide I needed two pages this year since I rand out of room on my list last year. 

Owned books is also just a list of books I have read that I own. I also include the date I bought them and the date I read them. My challenge key is very important to how I log books. I make a list of all the challenges I'm participating in and then come up with a symbol for each challenge to use on my log. 

This page is probably the most useful and the most used. This is all the stats I want to keep about the books I read. As you can see I have already filled out a couple books for the start of the year. Since it is in a linear fashion it makes it really easy to do stats at the end of the year. This also where those challenge symbols come into play because I don't have to rewrite the name of the challenge over and over again. I just put the symbol for each challenge. This year I color coded, so this is a pink page and I always like to make a design at the top. My first page is summer theme and the second one is a winter theme. I left a page blank if I need to make another books read page. 

Here is my last yearly spread I want to show you. If you have been a long time blog follower you know that every January I do an update to the releases I missed from the previous year. I made a spread in my bullet journal to have a place to cross off those books and like everything else this year I color coded it. The bottom of the page with 2017 I'm either planning to put the 2018 books I want to read or the 2018 releases I have read. I haven't decided yet, so I left it blank for now. 

Overall my Bullet Journal makes my list heart happy and  I make a lot of lists in my bullet journal. I'm super excited for all of these spreads. I hope these give you some new ideas for your bullet journal and I will try to share more bookish spreads as I create them throughout the year. 


  1. I've always wanted to do a bullet journal but never know where to start. I do most of my tracking digitally just because I change it up so often :P
    I LOVE your card idea! I have all my books written on paper stars (colour coded if they are series, standalone, etc) and put in a jar that I pull from once a month. But I love the card idea for when I don't know what book to do next...hmmmm

    1. It is a five year challenge, so I gave myself 5 years to read the 100 books. It has been a fun challenge and I'm excited to read many of these books. My bullet journal has transformed over the time that I have used it and I have changed my style, but that is the awesome part about bullet journaling is there is no right or wrong way.

  2. I am so not good enough to bullet journal. It seems like so much work. I LOVE all these bookish spreads though.Such a great way to keep track of everything.

    1. I love bullet journaling and for me it is a stress reliever. I'm always looking for new spreads to draw. I love being creative especially with everything for the new year. I set up all my weekly spreads at the beginning of every month.

  3. Great job keeping track in a bullet journal. This is how I keep track of the books from past years that I want to read:


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