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Number of Books I Read Per Month 2013-2017

If you love stats this is the post for you. I got this idea from Lauren @ BookmarkLit who got the idea for Christina @ Girl in the Pages. I'm comparing my stats over the past 5 years that I have been blogging. I'm comparing the number of books I read by month and the release dates that I read by year. I'm super excited to share this post and analyze all the stats.

A lot of things have changed since I started blogging in 2013. In 2013 for the first half of the year I was a high school senior and I read a lot of books in my last 5 months of high school, but I slowed down throughout the rest of the year especially as I started college and finding a reading routine during my first year of college.
Total Read: 66

This was easily my best year of reading. I read a lot of novellas and some shorter books. I read a lot of 2014 releases, but also caught up on 2013 releases during this year. I read a lot of books throuhgout 2014.
Total Read: 71

This year was my worst year out of the 5. I was in a reading slump for most of the year and I just didn't read a lot overall this year. I wasn't motivated to read, but I did read a few books I really loved during 2015.
Total Read: 38

2016 was a good year of reading. I was pretty consistent throughout 2016. I did have some months where I read more and some where I read less, but overall I really enjoyed my reading year in 2016. I started student teaching in fall of 2016.
Total Read: 46

I finished up student teaching in May of 2017 and started my teaching job in August of 2017. My reading took a nose dive at the beginning of the school year, but it is picking up now that it is January. 2017 was a great year of reading and I read so many amazing books.
Total Read: 52

Most Read:
The three months where I read the most are June 2013, April 2014, and May 2014
June 2013:
I don't really remember why I read so many books this month. I know it was the month before I started my summer classes that I was taking in 4 weeks on campus, so I probably was trying to sneak in as much reading as I could. I ended up reading 11 books

April and May 2014:
April 2014 was my third Dewey's readathon and I had a chance to just read all day and really just enjoy the readathon. I think that kind of put me on a reading high that carried right over into May 2014. I end up reading 11 books both months.

January Over the years seems to be pretty consistent where I read 6-7 books and my reading usually picks up at the beginning of the year.

April always seems to be a good month for me and I think that is because of Dewey's readathon.

September-November are usually the months where I read the least. I usually only finish 2-3 books during those months. September 2016 broke this tread and I would have to give this to a team challenge I was involved in called WOBBLE. This challenge really motivated me to keep reading even when the school year started.

December usually picks up my reading a little bit since I'm reading Christmas books which are usually short and I can get a few done.

Overall I think it is so much fun to compare how many books I read over a year. There are not a whole lot of treads in my reading, but there are some consistencies over the years.

Overall I don't read many books published before 2000, but I do usually read a few every year. The number of pre-2010 reads has decreased as those books have got older.

As of right now 2013 is my most read release date with 49 books, 2014 I read 37, 2015 I have read 19, 2016 I have read 16, and 2017 I have read 10.

There isn't as much to analysis with this one. 2014 was a high year for new releases. I focused a lot on 2013 and 2014 releases that year. It is more evenly split with 5-10 books for each year from 2010-2017 the rest of the years.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I so enjoyed making it and seeing my stats over the past 5 years.

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