The In the Middle Reading Challenge

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The In The Middle Reading Challenge is back for its second year. I'm so grateful to everybody that joined the challenge last year. I had so much fun watching the review list grow as readers achieved their goals to not let those books that are In The Middle be left out.

The major change for this year is that books up to 450 pages will count. I realized last year that books that were from 400 pages to 450 pages did not fit into any challenge. I hope this will help people read the books they want to and not just books that complete their reading challenge goals. 

Challenge Guidelines:

  • This challenge will run from January 1st, 2014 to December 31st, 2014
  • All books read in 2014 count that includes bound, ebook, and audiobooks
  • All books must be from 300 to 450 pages in length
  • For audiobooks: look up the page number on Amazon and use that number
  • You do not need to be a blogger to participate although I would appreciate if you leave a comment to tell me what level you are aiming for and a link where I can track your progress. This could be a shelf on goodreads or shelfari or any other website you can think of. I would appreciate non bloggers putting their link in the linky if they can. 
  • For bloggers, grab the button and make sure to post what level you are aiming for. Then be sure to link your post in the linky below
  • You don't have to review books however if you do. I would be glad to read them. You can also link your reviews in the linky below
  • Have Fun (as the quote in the button says "the pages we read transport us into a whole new world". Reading is about the experience and if you do not enjoy reading you will not get the full experience of the story) I want this challenge to create little stress in your mind. 

Leafing through the Pages: 5 books
Cruising through the Pages: 10 books
Fly Through the Pages: 15 books
Never Stop Reading: 20 books

The Linky will be below so please be sure to sign up. Thanks to everybody who joins. 


  1. Thanks for hosting again, Rachael! And great idea to increase to 450. I agree, it's frustrating when those 400-449 paged books don't fit anywhere!!

    1. I realized that and had people complain about the fact so that is why I changed it. Now all books have a place.

  2. Hi, I'm going to try this one now too.


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