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44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4) Character Follow Along (Spoilers Included)

Bob and Peggy Beldon are the main focus of the book. It was discovered in the last book that the strange man that died at their Bed and Breakfast was Maxwell Russell, a guy who was with Bob in Vietnam when they murdered those innocent villagers. It was discovered that Max was murdered at the end of the last novel and Roy Mcafee and Troy Davis were determined to solve the mystery. Bob was a bit jumpy this novel when Roy Mcafee suggested that his life might be in danger also. He had a car follow him and the nightmares of Vietnam returned. Hannah Russell, Max's daughter, came to live with the Beldon's after selling her fathers estate and most of his and her belongings. Something was always curious about Hannah and her distrust for men. She was able to confide a lot in Peggy, but her stories were always changing and they never quite added up. Bob was almost drove to drink again in this novel when he followed a car he thought had been following him to a local bar. He almost went inside when Peggy called and rescued him. He has been sober for 21 years, but we all know how fast things can go downhill with an alcoholic. Stewart Samuels came to visit the Bob Beldon to talk about Max and what happened in Vietnam. He hoped he could stop his reoccurring nightmares. They brought Hannah Russell downstairs to talk with Stewart Samuels and Troy Davis. Something set off in Hannah at that moment and she admitted to killing her own father using the date rape drug in his water bottle. She admitted that she was the reason her mother died when she had a friend mess with the steering wheel of her dad's car that led to the accident that killed her mother and badly injured her father. She will be tried in the state of California for murder.

Grace Sherman didn't have a huge part of this novel. She was trying to get over William Jefferson and get Cliff Harding back into her life. She finally told Olivia about what was going on with Will and Olivia was furious at her brother. Grace spent a lot of time volunteering at the animal shelter and she helped the girls organize the Dog and Bachelor auction. Grace bid $800 at the Dog and Bachelor auction for Cliff Harding, but was out bid. Olivia stepped in and paid $900 for Cliff and another $900 for the dog. Grace and Cliff went out on their date, but they didn't make much progress. Then Cliff's daughter Lisa came to talk to Grace and she suggested that Grace start emailing and sending cards to Cliff so she did. It didn't make Cliff instantly come back to Grace, but it softened him up enough to call her and they went on a few dates. When Cliff saw Grace talking to Will Jefferson outside of the library his trust was shattered again. We have no idea where the relationship will go. Grace worried about Kelly having difficulties getting pregnant with her second child.

Mary Ellen Sherman married Jon Bowman at the beginning of the novel. She was a beautiful bride, but it wasn't long before Mary Ellen started to discover secrets from Jon's past. It all started with letters she found in his upstairs closet. Some were unopened and some were opened. She was confused and when she asked Jon about them, she had to beg him to find out who they were from. They were from his estranged parents. Jon's father sold Jon out when him and his brother were caught with marijuana in his brother's house. Jon spent 7 years in prison for something he didn't do because of his father. He hasn't spoken to him since. Jon told Mary Ellen to throw the letters away and she did, but not before memorizing the return address. Mary Ellen send his parents a letter to tell them about Katie and herself. She requested they didn't contact her, but promised to send them pictures occasionally. His parents didn't listen and showed up at the gallery to see Jon's work. They were all out, but Mary Ellen guided them to another place. They were so curious about Jon that Mary Ellen later decided they must be his parents. She was sure when Jon's father sent her a letter a couple weeks later asking her to ask Jon to forgive them. She wrote a letter one day to them and hadn't mailed it yet when Jon discovered it. She told him the truth and Jon was furious with her. So furious he decided not to go to Charlotte's wedding. Mary Ellen was pregnant at the time, but hadn't told Jon. Mary Ellen took Katie back to Grace's house after the wedding because she needed some time apart from Jon. She was giving Katie a bath when she had pain after pain. Mary Ellen started bleeding and she miscarried. Jon found out about the baby at the hospital after Cliff or Grace called him. They made up, but Mary Ellen was still grieving over the loss of the pregnancy.

Olivia Lockhart Griffin got married to Jack Giffin in the last book. They have returned from their honeymoon and they are settling back into normal life. The transition isn't as easy as they hoped it would be. Olivia thinks Jack has unhealthy eating habits and puts him on a diet. She also thinks Jack is a slob. Jack believes he should be able to eat whatever he wants. One fight was so big it lead to Olivia going to her mother, Charlotte Jefferson's house. Olivia and Jack are slowly working on their marriage, but Olivia was still frustrated by the end of the novel by the amount of time he works. Olivia's son James and his wife Selina had their second child in this book Adam Jordan. Justine's son Leif turned a year old this novel and they are happy to own the Lighthouse restaurant and be a family.

Celia Randall also reentered this novel. Her husband Ian had returned from sea and they couldn't wait to be in each other's arms, but that all ended when Celia told Ian she had gotten off birth control and she wanted another baby. Ian was afraid the same thing would happen to that baby as what happened to Alison who died shortly after she was born of a heart defect. Ian resisted making love to Celia, but he slipped a few times and Celia got pregnant. They found out it was to be a baby girl before Ian had to leave for sea again. He won't be back until after their baby is born.

Rachel Pendergast had her own story line in this novel. Rachel is Mary Ellen's nail tech and she really wants to get married. She starts a relationship with Jolene Peyton, daughter of Bruce Peyton whose wife died in a car accident 3 years ago. Jolene really like Rachel doing her nails and cutting her hair that she suggests that she marry Bruce. At the beginning of the novel it seemed that Bruce wasn't interested in a relationship with Rachel, but after Rachel went out with Nathan Olsen, Bruce started calling her. Nathan admitted to already being in a relationship with a girl from back home, but he couldn't seem to get his mind off Rachel. Bruce also had a growing affection for Rachel and I can see their relationship moving forward in the following novels.

Roy and Corrie Mcafee began receiving strange and threatening postcards near the end of the book, but if we know anything Roy Mcafee knows how to solve a mystery. It will be curious what happens next at 50 Harbor Street.

Thanks for reading. I will get to the next book in the series soon.



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