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Book Review: 44 Cranberry Point (Cedar Cove #4) by Debbie Macomber (no spoilers)

Book: 44 Cranberry Point
Author: Debbie Macomber
Series: Cedar Cove Book 4
Publication: January 1st, 2004
Source: Digital Library
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Summary (from goodreads):
Dear Reader,

I love living in Cedar Cove, but things haven't been the same since a man died at our B and B. Turns out his name was Max Russell, and Bob had known him briefly in Vietnam.We still don't have any idea why he came here and—most important of all—who killed him. Because it now appears that he was poisoned. I sure hope somebody figures it out soon!

Not that we're providing the only news in Cedar Cove these days. I heard that Jon Bowman and Maryellen Sherman are getting married. And Maryellen's mom, Grace, has more than her share of interested men! The question is: Which one is she going to choose? Olivia—I guess it's Olivia Griffin now— is back from her honeymoon, and her mother, Charlotte (who's in her mid-seventies at least), seems to have a man in her life, too. I'm not sure Olivia's too pleased….

There's lots of other gossip I could tell you. Come by for a cup of tea and one of my blueberry muffins and we'll talk.

Peggy Beldon

My Thoughts:
Again I really liked the relax feeling of Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series. I listened to this book during Dewey's read-a-thon and it was a nice break for the other books I was reading. I still think 204 Rosewood Lane has been my favorite Cedar Cove books so far, but this one was very interesting.

The person who ended up killing Max Russell was very unlikely and I liked the fact that Debbie Macomber kept me guessing. I also liked the fact that Rachel Pendergast had her own story line and that Celia Randall came back into the gossip of Cedar Cove.

What I really like about these novels is that it feels like real life. Not everything that happens for sure because some strange stuff goes on in this town, but the gossip and some of the problems the characters face such as trouble in their marriages is normal. This is the fourth Cedar Cove book I have read and they have all been amazing so far. Bob and Peggy Beldon aren't my favorite characters so that is probably why I prefer 204 Rosewood Lane over this book. Grace Sherman has been my favorite character of the series so far although some of her choices have been very frustrating to me.

I have done another character follow along spoilers included post for this book and I will be reading the next book 50 Harbor Street soon.

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