Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cover Face Off Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn

I have never done a cover face off before, but Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn intrigued me to do one. The older version is on the left published in 2001 and the newer version is on the right published in 2002. 

I checked this book out from the library so I obviously got the yellow cover. What I like about that cover is that it has pretty cool sayings throughout the cover that tell you a lot about what you are going to find within the book. This cover captures Nick as the controlling person he is while the other one doesn't as much. 

Some things I dislike about the yellow cover is it doesn't leave the character of Nick up to your imagination. I  usually stay away from books with people on the cover because I like to imagine my own characters and I can tell you I didn't imagine Nick looking like that. 

The cover on the right is the picture of a typically YA book. A lot of YA books have people on the cover that are kissing are are almost going to kiss. I love the simplicity of the 2nd cover where I think the first one is much more complex. I love the background in this cover also just because it is simple. 

Again I dislike people being on the cover. This time it takes both Nick and Caitlyn although I didn't imagine either one of them that way. 

In my opinion the 1st cover at the left is the better of the two. What do you think? Which cover wins? Tell me below in the comments. 



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