Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Wrap Up Continued..... Reading Challenges

I can't believe we are already done with five months of 2013. I read 9 books again in May.  I had a great reading month. Last month I was only entered in 21 challenges, but in March I joined 2 more challenges bringing my total up to 23 challenge plus challenge addict. The 2 challenges I joined both have to be done by June so I will need to get them before any of the others. Then I joined another challenge in May bringing my total up for 24 challenges. To keep up to date on my challenges throughout the month click on my reading challenge tab at the top of the page. To find the links to sign up for any of the reading challenges click here. To sign up for the one I joined in March click here. It has until June 20th to complete. To sign up for the challenge I joined in May click here. Below is my update enjoy.

A-Z reading Challenge
May: J, K, and U fulfilled = 7 letters to go
April: Y fulfilled= 10 letters to go (I'm down to the more difficult letters now so I will need to strive to make the rest of the letters before the year is over)
Mar: A, G, H, and M fulfilled =11 letters to go
Feb: D, F, L, N, and S fulfilled = 15 letters to go
Jan: B,C, O, P, R, and T fulfilled = 20 letters to go

Library Reading Challenge
31/36 books

Book to Movie  reading Challenge
7/12 books

Let Me Count the Ways reading Challenge
12296/10,000 plus pages finished May 9th, 2013 I will continue to track

Nicholas Sparks reading Challenge
2/1-4 books

Outdo Yourself reading Chaellenge
37/50 books

The Year Long Memoir reading Challenge and Nonfiction challenge
1/4 books

Chunkster reading Challenge
8/6 books finished April 3rd, 2013. I will continue to add books as I read them. 

Seriously Series reading Challenge
0/4 series

Jodi Picoult reading Challenge
2/5 books

Quick Fix reading Challenge
16/10 books finished April 9th, 2013. Again I will continue to add books as I read them. 

Pick An Author reading Challenge
5/9 books

Fairy Tales Retold and Telling Tales Reading Challenge
I bumped myself up after finishing my original goal of April 23rd, 2013. 
4/4 to 6 books

Book Bingo reading Challenge
14 boxes completed

In the Middle Reading Challenge
13/15 books

Books in a Series Reading Challenge
10/16 books

Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge
May: 6/12 books
Apr: 5/12 books
Mar: 4/12 books
Feb: 3/12 books (although I did complete more than one for the words for February.
Jan: 2/12 books

New Authors and First Reads Reading Challenge
17/25 Originally completed on May 9th, 2013. Upgraded to 25 (Alex Flinn, Cindy C. Bennett, Nick Bruel, and Cassandra Clare)

The Spring of Sarah Dessen Challenge Must be completed by June 1st
3/3 books Completed May 31st, 2013

Spring Reading Thing Must be completed by June 20th
12/14 books

Summer Series Challenge
0/10 books

Reading Challenge Addict

1. Chunkster Challenge - Completed April 3rd, 2013
2. Quick Fix- Completed April 9th, 2013
3. Let Me Count the Ways- Completed May 9th, 2013
4. The Spring of Sarah Dessen- Completed May 31st, 2013

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  1. I know what you mean, this year is going by so fast already! You really got your hands full with all these challenges, I can barely keep up with two! :)

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland
    My Stacking the Shelves/Wrap Up

    1. The problem is I keep adding more. I think I'm done signing up for them. I need to focus on the ones I have.


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