Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Changing Roommates in College

As you all have realized I have been a bit MIA since I started college in early August. I figured once I got adjusted to college life I would come back to blogging regularly, but so far that hasn't happened.

My old Room set up. 
 I read at a much slower pace now and rarely find time to sit down and write reviews or other blog posts. I'm hoping to come back this month, but this post is to give you guys the reasons I have been gone.

Victoria was very much into your side my side and hated tvs
so I was forced to have my chair and tv under the bed.
I moved into college August 2013 with my random roommate. She had only emailed me a few times throughout the summer and from her picture she looked a bit strange, but I tried to remain positive.

Victoria and I got along for the first few days, but by Sunday of move in weekend I had already discovered many things I wasn't happy with. I tried to remain positive and believed that we would work out our difficulties. Victoria told me on day 1 that she was not in college to make friends and I would be her only friend. She wants to be a medical examiner so she believes that she will never have to communicate with people which is just so far from the truth. I have never met a person that is so disconnected from our world. She has no idea how to relate to people or form friendships.

As the weeks went on things did not get better although I tried to keep the relationship open. Victoria never wanted to talk to me so I found it hard to bring up our difficulties. Communication ceased totally around week 5. She would say hi to me and then go hide in her corner.

The fridge sat by my desk so I lost that area
because it was mine and it had to be on my side,
but I had no room under my bed meanwhile Victoria
had plenty of room on her side. 

I continued to become increasingly unhappy and it was making the transition to college a lot harder for me because I didn't feel comfortable in my own dorm room. I looked into the prospect of switching dorm rooms.

My community advisors kept telling me to wait until semester time and maybe Victoria would end up moving or commuting since she lives really close to campus. I didn't think it was worth being depressed for the entire semester with no guarantee that Victoria would be the one to move.

My new room has a much more user friendly set up. The fridge
is under Sierra's bed and my chair is able to sit forward.
I put my request in for a new roommate at the beginning of homecoming week. It was early the next week I got an email that I could move into my new room over native american day weekend. I had to move from the 1st floor to the 4th floor. One of my friends lives on 4th floor so I was able to meet my new roommate Sierra and I instantly saw that she was going to be a much better fit. Sierra and I had a lot in common and I was excited to move in.

My family came up on Sunday October 13th to move me into my new room. It was not fun having to move all my stuff up three flights of stairs, but in my opinion it was worth it. In these last four weeks I have been so happy with Sierra. I have found a roommate that I get along with and I have become much more comfortable with my college life. I couldn't be happier that I made the decision to move.

In the beginning I was concerned I would get somebody worse than Victoria, but I'm glad everything turned out for the better. For my readers that are in college I want to let you know that you should work hard on your roommate relationship, but if it really isn't working out it is okay to switch roommates. I barely knew Victoria so I didn't care about hurting her feelings and I'm much happier with Sierra so I'm glad to move forward with my college journey.

In other news I'm hoping to move back to a regular blogging schedule since I haven't published a book review for awhile.



The tv sits on the desk and we both use it. 

I hung up many command hooks because
this room felt more permanent from the moment
I moved in. 


  1. I am glad you made the move, anytime it begins to impact your school work it is a good idea. Not everyone can be a perfect fit..I hope the rest of the semester rocks for you!

    1. I hope of the rest of the semester flies by so I can start new classes in January.

  2. I'm glad it all worked out in the end...I'll never forget my own freshman year...I managed to get along with my roommates (had 2!) for the first semester, but then, things went downhill, first with one and then later on with the other. It's hard to share space with people you don't know very well and when some people don't want to play fair, sometimes a change is really for the best. I hope you have a great rest of the year! I can't imagine blogging in college -- I had almost no time to read anything other than school books back then, but if you can, I applaud you :)

    1. I do have to admit I found it really hard to have to share this tiny room with a person I didn't know at the beginning of the semester. I was way more adjusted to collage life when I moved in with Sierra which made the transition smoother in my opinion.

      I think my Christmas break is going to consist of nothing, but reading. I only get through a couple books a month and I still plan to complete my reading challenges so I continue.

      Reviews will be coming back shortly I hope.


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