Monday, November 25, 2013

The Gayle Forman Read Along If I Stay Week 4 Answers (spoilers included)

"Amazing things happen when you stop hiding behind that hulking beast." What is the significance of this statement that Mia is told at music camp? Are there any examples of her not hiding behind her cello that result in amazing things?

Mia had a point in the book where she thought about quitting the cello. She began to tell her friends and slowly stop practicing her cello. Her friends response was that she wasn't going to quit. She ended up not quoting.

Mia laments to her mom about the changes that are coming for her and Adam- college, musical success, moving- and her mom states that 17 is an inconvenient time to be in love. Do you agree? Disagree? Why?

17 is an inconvenient time to be in love. At 17 you are going through so many changes in your life as you begin to figure out your adult life and your future. Even when you are in college it is hard to balance relationships and school. It is always going to be hard to be in love, but it is especially hard when you are trying to figure out your life. 

The last part of the book foreshadows Mia and Adam's future relationship. Do you think it's heading in a good direction?

I think Mia and Adam are going to face a lot of future challenges especially as Mia struggles through her grieve, but I think there relationship is in a good place and possibly strong enough to last. 

What's been your favorite part thus far about this read-along?

I really have enjoyed reflecting on Gayle Forman's books as I continue to read through Gayle Forman books. 

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