Friday, July 18, 2014

Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon Progress

The reading part of this read-a-thon so far has been going fine, but updates not my forte this week. The time is not accurate at all. I noticed that the time tracking was making me want to read less so because I would like to keep some general time for my end of year stats I decided I would guestimate on the time read. I have read quite a bit this week and enjoy just being able to pick the book up and not write down the time. 

Day 1 July 14th

pg 57 to pg 96

Pages Read: 39
Time Read: 1 hour

Day 2 July 15th

pg 96 to pg 142

Pages Read: 46
Time Read: 54 minutes
Total Pages Read: 93
Total Time Read: 1 hour 54 minutes

Day 3 July 16th

pg 142 to pg 193

Pages Read: 51
Time Read: 1 hour 2 minutes
Total Pages Read: 144
Total Time Read: 2 hours 56 minutes

Day 4 July 17th

pg 193 to pg 274

Pages Read: 81
Time Read: 1 hour 27 minutes
Total Pages Read: 225
Total Time Read: 4 hours 23 minutes

As you can see from the updates probably not my best read-a-thon week. I feel that I have done a really good job. Tomorrow's update will include finishing The Real Boy and starting Little City by the Lake. I think I do have the possibility of finishing the books I set as my goals.

Day 5 July 18th

pg 274 to pg 341 (finished)

pg 0 to pg 76

Pages Read: 143
Time Read: 2 hours 8 minutes
Total Pages Read: 368
Total Time Read: 6 hours 31 minutes
Books Finished: 1

Day 6 July 19th

pg 76 to pg 130

I literally did not start reading until 6 on this day. I just could not motivate myself to read. We were babysitting from 7 to midnight so it wasn't a very productive reading day.

Pages Read: 54
Time Read: 37 minutes
Total Pages Read: 422
Total Time Read: 7 hours 8 minutes
Books Finished: 1

Day 7 July 20th

pg 130 to pg 241

Pages Read: 111
Time Read: 2 hours 29 minutes
Total Pages Read: 533
Total Time Read: 9 hours 37 minutes
Books Finished: 1

Day 8 July 21st

pg 241 to pg 270

Pages Read: 29
Time Read: 35 minutes
Total Pages Read: 562
Total Time Read: 10 hours 12 minutes
Books Finished: 1

Day 9 July 22nd

pg 270 to pg 309

pg 0 to pg 19

Pages Read: 58
Time Read: 50 minutes
Total Pages Read: 620
Total Time Read: 11 hours 2 minutes
Books Finished: 2

Day 10 July 23rd

pg 19 to pg 37

Pages Read: 18
Time Read: 40 minutes
Total Pages Read: 638
Total Time Read: 11 hours 42 minutes
Books Finished: 2

Day 11 July 24th

pg 37 to pg 73

Pages Read: 36
Time Read: 1 hour
Total Pages Read: 674
Total Time Read: 12 hours 42 minutes
Books Finished: 2


  1. You say your reading isn't that great, but you're totally kicking my butt. I am not doing so awesome this time around. I blame Steinbeck. The Grapes of Wrath has put me to sleep three times. It's sad. On a side note...I have a present for you. I've nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks for the great reads Rachael!

    1. I hate Steinbeck with a passion. My read was fine. I just didn't want to update.


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