Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2016 To Be Read List~Let's Vote

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I'm extremely behind on this challenge. I ended up DNFing Cloaked. I wasn't getting into it and I was bored with the story line. I think it was something I would have enjoyed when I was 14, but now I'm a little old for it. I have not started The Infinite Moment of Us. I think I'm going to start that one next. Meanwhile I still want to participate this month. It is my hope that I will catch up. Here's the fun part of this month I joined this new book app called Books Amino. This app is like Social Media for books. You can write blog posts, create polls, and much more. It is basically an app where you just talk about books with people all day long I love it. I'm going to let my followers on Books Amino also vote for my April To-Be Read List book. 

This month's theme is books that I have at college. They are going to be books I own, but all of them will be books I already have here. And I'm having trouble picking just three, so I'm going to show you the picture of what I have list the books and you can leave which book you think I should read in the comments. I know I have more probability to have a tie this week, but hopefully between the two sources I will have a clear winner.

1. Story of a Girl
2. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
3. Between Friends
4. All Fall Down
5. Best Friends Forever
6. This Song will Save Your Life
7. 99 Days
8. Winter Garden
9. The Forestwife
10. The Library Card
11. Royally Crushed
12. The Princess Diaries


  1. I voted for Between Friends, because Macomber's books are always quick reads for me and I know you are still in a busy semester!

  2. I went with All Fall Down because I've read another of her books and liked it. Would love to see what you think of that one.

  3. So many books to choose from! Ummm...I went with Winter Garden because I remember crying while reading it.

  4. I went with all fall down because I've read and enjoyed Jennifer Weiner and between her two books on the list, that one appealed a bit more :)

  5. So many of these sound good. I have only read one Jennifer Weiner book, and really enjoyed it. I need to read more by her. I ended up picking Winter Garden though because that's one I hope to get to. I hope you enjoy whichever one wins!

  6. Hey Rachel! I chose Me and Earl and the Dying Girl for ya. I haven't read it, but I did watch the movie. It was great! Good luck and I hope you enjoy this month's TBR pick :)

  7. I voted for This Song Will Save Your Life because I've heard really good things about it, and about Leila Sales in general. I'm not a big contemporary person so it's one I'm curious about but don't know if I'll end up getting to myself, but I figured if it's one you own you must be, and since other people seemed to love it, it seemed like a good choice!


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