Sunday, July 17, 2016

Make Me Read It Readathon and Biannual Bibiothon Wrap Up

July 10th
I'll Give You the Sun pg 98-142

July 11th
I'll Give You the Sun pg. 142-210

July 12th 
I'll Give You the Sun pg. 210-246

July 13th
I'll Give You the Sun pg. 246-260

July 14th 
I'll Give You the Sun pg. 260-371

July 15th
Sinful Cinderella total 158 pages. Started on July 10th, but it is kindle location book. 

July 16th
Two Way Street pg 0-46

Total Pages Read: 477

The Make Me Readathon did not go as planned. You guys picked out Second Chance Summer for me to read and I didn't get around to it since we were on vacation. 

Here is my update for biannual bibliothon: Here

I read 306 pages and finished Me Before You. The other books on my TBR list were Isla and the Happily Ever, which I didn't get around to. The other one was I'll Give You the Sun,which I didn't finish during the Bibliothon, but it is finished now. Overall I read a lot of pages during both of these readathons and had a lot of fun participating. I have the Booktubeathon coming up this week, so I will continue to read at a fast pace to finish as many books as possible. 

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