Saturday, July 16, 2016

Virtual Adult Summer Reading Challenge 2

This is the 2nd challenge for the Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program. I have wrote many library posts that I have featured on my blog. Anybody that has read my blog for awhile knows I love my local library. 

My Library Story: How I got started with reading and fell in love with the library
Volunteering at my college library: Great Way to spend my time as a college student
My Love of Libraries: This one includes pictures of my local library and why I like reading books from the library
Our Newest Library Grand Opening: This library is already almost three years old. I still love the selection that this library has. 

In middle school and high school I was in the library all the time. Even these past few years of college I went to the library several times over Christmas break and Summer break, but this summer I have been mostly focusing on books that I own, so I haven't checked out as many books from the library. So far I have only been to the library once this summer. 

My library has an amazing digital collection. I love to check out books to read on my kindle. They make great books to read before bed. I also love our request system that gives you the ability to get a book from any of the 13 branches shipped to your library of choice. 

I love my library and I hope that you have an amazing library also. The library gives me the ability to read books I would never have picked up otherwise. 

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