Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Out with the Old & In with the New: August 2016

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This will take the place of My Year in Books since I will wrap up what I read during each month of 2016, see if I met last year's goal and make a new goal for the year. 

Out With The Old: August 2016

Books Read: 5
Favorite Book Read: Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
Favorite Post: How I Use My Goodreads TBR

I know my Goodreads TBR will never be zero, but I realize that my TBR is there for a reason and I do use my TBR to help me remember books I want to read and help with challenge goals.

Goal #8 My goal last year was to remember that blogging is a hobby, but also to blog more regularly. I was really laid back with the blog in 2016. A blogging schedule has never worked for me. The blog is first and formost for me, so I blogged as I wanted to in 2016 and I'm okay with that. 

In With The New: Goal #8

A personal goal for this year is to continue to work out. I fell off the fitness wagon in May when I came home from college. I usually do for the summer, but this year was different since I wasn't returning to school (as I'm student teaching close to home) and therefore I lost my gym. We recently found a new gym to join and I'm enjoying going to zumba. I gained more weight than I would like, but I'm motivated to get my body back in 2017. This isn't just a New Year's resolution for me I actually enjoying working out and feeling good I just wish I didn't have to go without a gym for so long.

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