Friday, December 23, 2016

Out with the Old & In with the New: March 2016

Hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading and Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun
This will take the place of My Year in Books since I will wrap up what I read during each month of 2016, see if I met last year's goal and make a new goal for the year. 

Out With The Old: March 2016

Books Read: 1
Favorite Book Read: The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
Favorite Post: Life Update

March was a sad month for reading. I ended up DFNing Cloaked, which I spent a lot of time reading. Therefore I was only able to finish one book during March.

Goal #3 I finished one book for Take Control of Your TBR, but it just so happened to be in early April. That was The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith.

In With The New: Goal #3

I'm going to copy last year's goal and set my goal to participate in the Take Control of Your TBR challenge. I didn't do very well last year, so 2017 is my chance to redeem myself.

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