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My Year in Reading Challenges 2017

Time for my end of the year Challenge Wrap Up.

Books Read: 52
Pages Read:15,896 pages
Chunkster (400+): 4
In the Middle (300-400): 29
Quick Fix (under 300 pages): 19

23 New Authors
37 Female Authors
3 Male Authors
I read 40 different authors this year. I didn't read very many male authors, but this seems to be the trend.

5 Stars: 31
4 Stars: 14
3 Stars: 6
2 Stars: 1

Publication Date
1908: 1
1909: 1
1915: 1
1996: 1
2000: 1
2005: 1
2006: 1
2007: 2
2009: 1
2010: 2
2011: 3
2012: 1
2013: 6
2014: 3
2015: 7
2016: 8
2017: 10

This year was a high year for new releases. I read 10 2017 releases, which is a lot for me. I still continue to catch up on those previous years releases. 2013 was a year where so many books came out and I continue to catch up with the books I want to read from 2013 on forward.

I finished 11 out of 14 challenges.

The TBR Dare has its own website: TBR Dare Website. The hosts are Lizzy's Literary Life and Anabookbel

Goal: As Many as Possible
Read: 16
Status: Completed April 1st, 2017
Joining in 2018: Yes
I managed to read 0 2017 releases during the challenge period. I started off 2017 with 368 books on my goodreads TBR. I ended the challenge with 383 books on my goodreads TBR. I'm ending 2017 with 402 books on my goodreads TBR. I'm going to try to continue to lower that number in 2018.

Hosted by My Soul Called Life.

Goal: 12
Read: 10
Status: Did Not Complete
Joining in 2018: Yes
This is the challenge I have most wanted to finish every single year. I love the challenge of this challenge. I have completed it one time, but it took me until December 31st and I like to spend December reading Christmas books. I did manage to read 10 books for the challenge. I was only missing 2 books. My Soul Called Life has shut down her blog, so the challenge has moved Bev @ My Reader's Block for 2018. 

Goal: 24
Read: 30
Status: Completed August 19, 2017
Joining in 2018: Yes

Mount TBR is Hosted by My Reader's Block#Shelf Love is  Hosted by Second Run Review, Chapter Break, and Bookworm Brandee. Sign Up Here. #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks isHosted by EstellasRevenge.

Goal: 12
Read: 13
Status Completed December 17, 2017
Joining in 2018: ShelfLove will not be returning in 2018. I will be joining Mount TBR and As of right now Read my Own Damn Books isn't available. I barely managed to pass this challenge this year. I read a lot of my own books in November and December, so I would finish the challenge. I'm excited that more of the books are physical books this year. 

Goal: 4
Read: 12
Status: Completed February 12, 2017
Joining in 2018: No
Once Upon a Bookcase will not be hosting the retelling challenge in 2018. It will be the first year that I will not have a retelling challenge to join. I read quite a few fairy tale retellings this year. My big one was Cinderella with 3 retellings and Rapunzel with 3 retellings. 

Hosted by Novel Knight. 

Goal: As Many as Possible
Read: 38
Status: Completed December 31, 2017
Joining in 2018: Yes

Hosted by (un)Conventional Bookviews and Books, Movies, Review! Oh My! 

Goal: 1-30 
Read: 10
Status: Completed November 30, 2017
Joining in 2018: Yes
I read way more new releases than usual this year, which will be great because I won't have as many to catch up on. 2017 was a great year for new releases. 

Series Enders is hosted by Words Fueled by Love and Somewhere Only We Know. Prequel and Sequel Challenge is hosted by Novel Heartbeat and Writer Grrl Reads

Series Enders
Goal: 1-5
Read: 5
Status: Completed December 17, 2017
Joining in 2018: Yes
Series Enders 2018 is up and I will be joining. 

Prequel & Sequel Challenge
Goal: 50 pts
Read: 72 pts
Status: Completed December 31, 2017
Joining in 2018: Not Available
Also would love to join if it becomes available. I love using this challenge to keep track of my series reading. 

There are two books where I read the last book in the series first, so I'm counting them as the first and giving them no points. 

Goal: 12 
Read: 5
Status: Did Not Completed
Joining in 2018: Yes
I will join the challenge again in 2018 despite struggling to finish many books this year. I'm going to create a list with completely new books for 2018. 

Q1= C Q2=B Q3= C Q4=C Average Grade: 72.5%

Goal: 20
Completed: 26
Status: Completed December 31, 2017
Joining in 2018: Yes

2. A Bokk with at least 2 perspectives: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
3. A Book you meant to read in 2016: 1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber
4. A title that doesnt' contain the letter E: A Thousand Nights by EK Johnston
5. A Historical Fiction: The War that Saved my Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradely
6. A Book to Movie 2017: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
8. A Book written by a person of color: Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
9. A Book in the Middle of Your TBR: Things we Know by Heart by Jessi Kirby
12. A Book based on a Myth: My Name is Rapunzel by KC Hilton
17. A Book with Illustrations: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
20. A Book that You Own: The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle
21. A book that is a continuation of a book you have already read: Anne of Avonlea by LM Montgomery
22. A Book by an author you havent read: It Started with Goodbye by Christina June
23. A Book read from the BBC: Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery
24. A Book written by at least 2 different authors: Becuase you Love to Hate Me by Various
26. An Adventure Book: How to be Brave by Katherine E Kottaras
27. A Book by one of your favorite authors: Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult
29. A Book not Published by the 4 major publishing houses: Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt
30. A Book from Goodreads Top 100 YA Books: Just One Day by Gayle Forman
32. A Book with a Long Title: I'd Tell You I Love You, but Then I Would Have to Kill You by Ally Carter
37. A Book you chose at random: The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen
40. A Book Published in 2017: Allie and Bea by Catherine Ryan Hyde
41. A Book Written with an unreliable narrator: Jake Reinvented by Gordon Korman
44. A recommendation for "What I Should Read Next" Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
45. A Book writh a one word title: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
49. A Book form Someone Else's bookshelf: The Midwife's Apprentice by Karen Cushman
52. A Book set in a fictional location: The Crystal Heart by Sophie Masson

Hosted by Literary Escapism
Goal: 25
Read: 23
Status: Did Not Completed
Joining in 2018: Not Available
The challenge is not up yet for 2018, but I would love to join. Despite not finishing the challenge I still tried a lot of great authors this year. 

1. Lauren Myracle
2. EK Johnston
3. Kimberly Brubaker Bradely
4. Natalie Blitt
5. K.C. Hilton
6. Serena Chase
7. Ally Carter
8. Sarah Pekkanen
9. LM Montgomery
10. Gary D. Schmidt
11. Nicola Yoon
12. Catherine Ryan Hyde
13. Gordon Korman
14. Ashley Poston
15.  Katherine E. Kottaras
16. Anna Kendrick
17. Christina June
18. Miranda Kenneally
19. Renee Ahdieh
20. Sophie Masson
21. Alexandra Bracken
22. C.J. Carmichael
23. Heather Horrocks

Goal: 6-10
Status: Completed 11 Challenges
Joining in 2018: Yes

1. The TBR Dare Hosted by  Lizzy's Literary Life and Anabookbel. Finished April 1, 2017
2. 2017 Library Love Hosted by Bea's Book Nook and Angela's Guilty Life Finished August 19, 2017
3. Mount TBR Reading Challenge Hosted by My Reader's Block Finished December 17, 2017
4. #ShelfLove Challenge 2017 Hosted by Second Run Review, Chapter Break, and Bookworm Brandee. Sign Up Here. Finished December 17, 2017
5. #Readmyowndamnbook Hosted by EstellasRevenge. Finished December 17, 2017
6. Retellings Reading Challenge 2017 Hosted by Once Upon a Bookcase. Finished February 12, 2017
7. Beat the Backlist Hosted by Novel Knight. Finished December 31, 2017
8. 2017 New Release Challenge Hosted by (un)Conventional Bookviews and Books, Movies, Review! Oh My! Finished November 30, 2017
9. 2017 Series Enders Reading Challenge Hosted by Words Fueled by Love and Somewhere Only We Know. Finished December 17, 2017
10. 2017 Prequel & Sequel Challenge Hosted by Novel Heartbeat and Writer Grrl Reads Finished December 31, 2017
11. Read 52 in 2017 Hosted by Around the Year in 52 Books Finished December 31, 2017

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  1. You've done some amazing challenges this year! Great work and thanks for keeping up with Shelf Love. We will not be doing it officially this year, but we're keeping it as a square on our Chapter Break Bookish Bingo cards if you wish to keep up with those :)


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