Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting on the Past Year~ Happy Blogoversery

At the end of every year I love to reflect over the changes my life went through in the next year. Its always fun to go back later and look at what happened over the past year. Today it has been a year since I took the leap and wrote my first blog post. I really can't tell you why I wanted to start a blog when I first wrote this post. I had thought about starting a blog a number of times and published that post by impulse. Over the last year it has become a great hobby for me.  My first post was all about New Year's Resolutions, which are my favorite way to celebrate the New Year. All my Resolutions were book related in that post.

Look back over that first month of blogging I think it really took quite awhile to establish my footing as a blogger. The posts I post now are so different from the posts I posted back then. I really figured out by reading other people's blogs the kind of posts I wanted to post. Over the past year blogging has become an extremely joyful hobby. I have a post coming up of the changes I want to make moving forward on my blog so I won't spoil those for you now.

Looking back at the year so much has happened. My cousin Dylan is 1 year old today. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were seeing him in the hospital.

I graduated from High School in May of 2013. It was a glorious day and a day I was very proud to finally accomplish. Graduation taught me what I really could achieve in life. I had the honor of receiving a scholarship at Graduation. I got the letter about Summer Bridge a week later. 

Starting college in July really changed my outlook on life. At the time I didn't really appreciate the experience just wanted it to be over with. Now looking back on my month of college I'm really proud that I was able to complete math and speech in just one month and achieve high grades in both. I think it has helped me to feel more prepared and relaxed as a college freshman. I just finished up my first semester and have learned that all grades were great. I'm extremely proud of all the effort I put into college. I know I will be able to achieve high standards on this academic ground. 

Not to mention my cousin Alli made her appearance in the world on August 23rd, 2013. The day I moved into college. Boy this girl has timing. I wasn't able to meet Alli until November thanks to a lot of hard scheduling. It seemed every time I was home my cousin was busy so we couldn't come see the baby. I have seen in total 3 times now which is pretty good. 

Senior Year was only the beginning of the many changes that would occur in my life. I think this year has been a great year in books and my personal life. I hope to continue to find courage in myself in 2014. I hope to continue to meet great people and continue to move forward in establishing my life. 

I want to thank all my readers for following me over this past year. It has been a fun, joyous journey. I look forward to another great year of blogging in 2014. I have more plans to become more involved in the community and create a more fun atmosphere for everybody on my blog. 

Have a safe and Happy New Year



  1. Congrats on 1 year! Happy New Year :)

    1. It has been quite a year. Thanks for being a great follower of my blog in its first year.

  2. It's a little funny to see you say that your posts now are so different from when you started.. mine too!! I think that's why some bloggers get a ton of followers at the beginning and some don't. I have seen bloggers that when they start their blog is fantastic right away!!! Mine.. not so much. It took me time to become who I am. Sounds like 2013 was great for you! 2014 will be too!!

    1. I started with that first post. I didn't know anything about blogging. I wasn't even sure why I decided to start blogging. I just did. I didn't know what I was supposed to post, but when I really decided I was going to blog I had a lot of ideas. In the past year I have developed the type of posts I think are important. Overall my blog is not about followers. It is about me spreading my love of books. I also think it is a great tool for me to remember how a book made me feel at the time I read the book. In a year I won't remember everything about that book. I'm going to remember that it was a good book.


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