Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Gayle Forman Read Along Where she Went Week 4 Answers

Where She Went is the third book in the Gayle Forman Read Along. This section is Hosted by Alexa Loves Books

1. In friendships or relationships, the two people in question have a common obsession most of the time. For Adam and Mia, it's music. Tell me about an example of that in your own life, whether that be with your lover, best friend or family!

Adam and Mia definetly share their love of music. It is what ripped them apart and brought them back together. I haven't been in a romantic relationship, but with my friends we often shared a love of reading and with my sister we share a love of reading so we always have something to talk about with books. Me and my dad bond through volleyball and Christmas movies. 

2. Adam's knowledge of Mia's obsession with music was what prompted his split second decision to play Yo Yo Ma to remind her of it. How do you feel about their relationship armed with this new knowledge?

This is the ultimate way that Adam loves Mia and shows her his love. Such a romantic part of the novel. 

3. A good cry is necessary sometimes. Do you agree or disagree?

I agree that a good cry is a good way to let out those feelings. This book was one that I thought I would cry for, but didn't. The ending was absolutely beautiful. 

4. Mia's big revelation -- her gift to Adam -- changes everything. With this new knowledge, how do you feel about Mia?

Adam talked about how he regretted getting rid of the guitar and the fact that Mia bought the guitar was such an awe inspired moment. I think Mia deeply cares for Adam and this is the way she shows it even though she isn't able to say how she feels. 

5. What so you think lies in the future for Adam and Mia? Will their history -- together and apart -- affect it in anyway?

I think their future is happy and bright. After they settle down their relationship will become much easier. I think they are now both in a place in their life when they are willing to work at the relationship instead of just giving up. The ending was extremely touching and the happy ending I wanted. 

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