Monday, December 9, 2013

The Gayle Forman Read Along Where She Went Week 3 Answers

1. Adam's craving for human affection leads him to various groupies. Does this affect what you think of him?

Adam was receiving the physical nature of a relationship, but he wasn't really finding any satisfaction in it because he wasn't in love with the girl. I think their break up really damaged Adam, but did that make this choice right? I don't believe so because people go through heartbreak all the time and don't have to have physical relationships to be happy. It did affect what I thought of him initially, but I still wanted him to find happiness with Mia.

2. Mia is able to feel and hear her family in her mind and heart. Have you ever felt that way about someone you've lost, whether from death or other means?

I believe that my grandpa and great grandma are watching over me. I can see how Mia feels that her family is guiding her.

3. What do you think of the author's transitions between present day Adam and Mia, and Adam and Mia in the past?

I like the review of their relationship while also being able to see what is going on right now. It gave us a taste of how their relationship was in If I Stay and how much it has changed over just three years.

4. The confrontation we've all been waiting for has finally happened! How did you feel when you found out Mia's real reason for leaving Adam behind?

It came as a total surprise that Mia broke off the relationship so suddenly without really telling Adam her reasons. I know that she was grieving and she had people around her all the time. She just wanted some space, but couldn't she have told Adam that. She knew that she would regret trying to break up with Adam if she did it so she didn't.

5. Do you think Mia and Adam will truly be able to let each other go? Are you rooting for their happy ending or do you think walking away from each other is their best bet?

I was rooting for a happy ending, but my gut feeling after the confrontation was that they would split apart and never see each other again. 

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