Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Top Covers of 2013

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All these books are books I read this year. 

1. Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstilskin by Liesl Shurtliff- This book has a beautiful imaginative cover that I just loved looking at. I love the castle in the background and the two characters descriptive features. 
2. Rapunzel Untangled by Cindy C. Bennett- This cover was a beautiful representation of a wonderful book. 
3. Fly Away by Kristin Hannah- One of my favorite books of 2014 also features one of the most beautiful covers. I love the lanterns and the purple. I also love the bikes in the background as the representation of the first novel. 
4. Towering by Alex Flinn- I think the gray is perfect for this cover and I like how we are able to see the girl with all her hair. 
5. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer- I think this cover is absolutely beautiful. I love the way Scarlet's cape flows on the cover. Cress the third novel in the lunar chronicles also has a magnificent cover.

6. The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen- I love the letters and the simplicity of this cover. I think it represents a warm summer day. 
7. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult- A girl reading a novel is a great representation of this beautiful story.
8. When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney- I really enjoyed this book and I think the cover represents that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 
9. Doomed by Tracy Deebs- This cover represents the technology in this book. I think the colors are perfect fit for the novel.
10. The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks- most of the novel takes place on a ranch so this is the perfect representation of the novel. It represents a warm spring day and makes me think of warm open fields. 


  1. Scarlet and Doom have beautiful covers, indeed. I've come across several gorgeous book covers throughout the entire year, I wouldn't be able to pick a few favorite ones.

    Mada @ All Fantasy Worlds

    1. They limited me to books published this year so that made it a bit easier.

  2. I love the cover for Scarlet... I think it's clever!

    1. It is incredibly clever. Cress has a more beautiful cover than Scarlet in my opinion.


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