Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Year: In Reading Challenges 2013

Book Read by the Numbers
Books Read: 66
Pages Read: 22,249 pages
Chunksters (450+): 15
In The Middle (300 to 400 pages): 18
Quick Fix (under 300): 30

Men: 9
Women: 29
New: 28
I didn't count any authors twice. It is refreshing to see that I read 38 different authors this year. I tried to make it a year of catching up with old favorites while trying new authors. Many of the new authors I tried this year were authors that I read other books of after the first initial read. I love male authors it just doesn't seem that I picked up books by them as often. John Green became one of my favorite male authors this year.

Star Rating
5 Star: 47
4 Star: 10
3 Star: 7
2 Star: 1
1 Star: 1

Publication Dates
1883: 1
1911: 1
1995: 1
1996: 1
2000: 1
2001: 3
2002: 3
2003: 2
2004 ; 3
2005: 1
2006: 4
2007: 3
2008: 5
2009: 4
2010: 5
2011: 7
2012: 8
2013: 12

I love reading challenges and will be joining a number in 2014. I think I did well in 2013 with the reading challenges I did join. My general rule in 2013 for myself is if the challenge looks like I won't get it done by December I'm not going to worry about it. I didn't read a single Christmas book this December because I had a reading challenge I wanted to completed. Although I'm happy to have read the books I did this December I'm going to spend the next Holiday season curled up with Christmas novels. I think for 2014 I'm much more selective with my reading challenges and picking ones that will help me to obtain my goals. I loved all of these challenges, but the ones I didn't complete I'm not that disappointed about.

Another change for next year will be in how I handle wrap ups. Even if I complete one of the year long challenges in the middle of the year I will not make a separate post about it. I will just mark it as complete on my challenge tab and wrap it up at the end of the year. I will continue to make wrap up posts for the seasonal challenges that have end dates during the year. They will be featured in this end of the year wrap up still. Wish Me Luck in 2014.

Joined: 25 + Reading Challenge Addict
Completed: 20 + Reading Challenge Addict
Did Not Complete: 5

Goal: 26 books
Read: 22
Status: Did Not Complete
Missed Letters Q, V, X, Z
Joining in 2014: No

Library Books Reading Challenge Hosted by Books Dragon Lair

Goal: Adult- 36
Read: 58
Status: Completed June 18th, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes

Hosted by Doing Dewey
Goal: Movie Lover-9 Books
Read: 10 
Status: Completed June 15th, 2013
Joining in 2014: No

Hosted by Avanti's Place
This is one where the host quit hosting the challenge halfway through the year so there is not an option to join this challenge next year. 

Goal: 10,000 pages
Read: 22,249 pages
Status: Completed May 9th, 2013
Joining in 2014: No

Hosted by The Book Vixen

Goal: First Date: 1-4  books
Read: 3
Status: Completed November 19th, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes

I read the first 2 in February and The Longest Ride in November. My goal is going to be to finish as many of Sparks books as possible in 2014 so I can be caught up with his novels. 

Hosted by The Book Vixen
All the books I read in 2013 count for this challenge. I originally wanted to read 50 books this year and ended up reading 65. 
Goal: 50 Level Reached: I'm On Fire- 16+ I read 21 more books than I did in 2012
Read: 66
Status: Completed July 31st, 2013
Joining in 2014: No
This is a challenge I would love to join, but I expect to read less books in 2014 so I don't want to join the challenge just for disappointment.

Goal 4
Status: Did Not Completed
Joining in 2014: No
4 is the usual number of nonfiction books I read a year, but this year they weren't just a high priority
Hosted by Chunkster Blog

Goal: 6 books over 450 pages
Read: 15
Status: Completed April 3rd, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes
I really thought this challenge would be difficult, but I finished it pretty easily and had fun seeing how many bigger books I do read. The numbers on the books are the number of pages.

Goal: Finish 1-6 series in 2013
Read: 4 series
Status: Completed December 26th, 2013
Joining in 2014: No
I will be joining different series challenges in 2014

Goal: Ruling this Courtroom -5 to 8 books
Read: 3
Status: Did Not Complete
Joining in 2014: I will not be hosting the Jodi Picoult reading challenge in 2014. I will be hosting a Kristin Hannah reading challenge instead. 
I'm kind of ashamed that I didn't finish my own reading challenge. Jodi Picoult books take a lot of time to read and I just don't have as much time for her material in college. I will continue to read Picoult books as I can with the eventual goal of being caught up with her. I have 7 books of hers I haven't read.

Goal: Paperclips-10 books
Read: 30
Status: Completed April 9th, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes
I almost tripled my goal. I set my goal as 10 books because that is all I read in 2012, but I read quite a few shorter novels this year. The numbers on the books are the number of pages

This person does not run a book blog, but decided to host this challenge. Even though the challenge was not highly publicized I loved the idea and would love to do a challenge like this next year. The three authors I picked were Kristin Hannah, Sarah Dessen, and Susanne Collasanti. Even though I only read 2 Collasanti books I'm going to count this challenge as complete. 

Goal: 9
Read: 9
Status: Completed September 22nd, 2013
Joining in 2014: Not Available

My new obsession this year Fairy tale Retellings. I had so fun reading these books and will be reading more next year. 

Goal: Lady in Waiting-4-6 books/ Troll Under the Bridge 5 Books
Read: 9
Status: Completed June 9th, 2013/June 2nd, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes/ Not Available
I will be joining a retellings challenge in 2014 so I will still have 2 fairy tale challenges

This may have been the challenge that convinced me to start a blog. When I found this challenge I knew I really wanted to participate. A few days later I posted my very first blog post. I made the goal to finish the whole card besides the rereading. I didn't think I would finish this challenge because the amount of books seemed unattainable, but I did. 

Goal: Finish Card besides rereading
Read: 59
Status: Completed November 30th, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes
Although I made a few changes to their bingo card I will be joining again. 

Goal: Never Stop Reading 15+
Read: 18
Status: Completed July 17th, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes. My challenge sign up for next year is up. 

The numbers on the pictures are the page numbers

Hosted by BookStacksOnDeck

Goal: Obsessive 16-20+
Read: 23
Status: Completed: September 1st, 2013
Joining in 2014: No
I will be joining a different series challenge

Hosted by Bookmark to Blog

Goal: Read 1 Book for Each Month
Read: 12
Status: Completed December 31st, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes
This is the challenge I most wanted to finish and this was the challenge that I had to stay up late to finish. I read Anna and The French Kiss, City of Lost Souls, Looking for Alaska, and The Near Witch in December. I read December's book in January and the rest throughout the year. I will be joining this challenge next year although I'm making it a goal to be done with the challenge by November to make December truly a month for getting ready for 2015.

Goal: 25 authors
Read: 28 new to me authors
Status: December 6th, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes and No
I'm only going to join the first picture in 2014.
Many of these authors I will be continuing to read next year. 

1. Dan Walsh
2. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
3. John Green
4. Tracy Deebs
5. Celia Wilkins
6. Karen Kingsbury
7. J.M. Barrie
8. C.B. Cebulski
9. Marissa Meyer
10. Matthew Quick
11. Patti Callahan Henry
12. A.G. Howard
13. Jodi Lynn Anderson
14. Alex Flinn
15. Cindy C. Bennett
16. Nick Bruel
17. Cassandra Clare
18. Howard Pyle
19. Liesl Shurtliff
20. Farrah Abraham
21. Isaac Marion
22. Gayle Forman
23. A.C. Gaughen
24. Veronica Roth
25. Daisy Whitney
26. Stephanie Perkins
27. Anne Ursu
28. Victoria Schwab

Goal: Three Sarah Dessen Books by June 1st
Read: 3
Status: Completed May 31st, 2013
Joining in 2014: No
I'm completely caught up with Sarah Dessen now so even if this challenge does come around for a second year I will not be participating all I would love an event like this for a few other of my favorite authors. 

Goal: 10
Read: 24
Status: Completed June 18th, 2013
Join in 2014: Yes

Goal: 10
Read: 6
Status: Did Not Complete
Joining in 2014: If it comes back I would be glad to join.

Hosted by Books with Cass

Goal: 5
Read: 8
Status: Completed August 21st, 2013
Joining in 2014: I would be glad to if the challenge comes back

Goal: 15
Completed: 18
Status: Completed November 30th, 2013
Joining in 2014: Yes

1. Chunkster Challenge - Completed April 3rd, 2013
2. Quick Fix- Completed April 9th, 2013
3. Let Me Count the Ways -Completed May 9th, 2013
4. The Spring of Sarah Dessen- Completed May 31st, 2013
5. Telling Tales Reading Challenge- Completed June 2nd, 2013
6. Fairy Tales Retold Reading Challenge - Completed June 9th, 2013
7. Book To Movie Reading Challenge - Completed June 15th, 2013
8. The Spring Reading Thing- Completed June 18th, 2013
9. Library Books Reading Challenge -Completed June 18th, 2013
10. The In The Middle Reading Challenge- Completed July 17th, 2013
11. Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge- Completed July 31st, 2013
12. Summer of Standalones Challenge-Completed August 21st, 2013
13. Books In A Series Reading Challenge- Completed September 1st, 2013
14. Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge- Completed November 19th, 2013
15. Book Bingo Reading Challenge- Completed November 30th, 2013
16. New Authors Reading Challenge- Completed December 6th, 2013
17. First Reads Reading Challenge- Completed December 6th, 2013
18. Monthly Keyword- Completed December 31st, 2013


  1. Thanks for the link :-)

    I really like the way you did your end of year wrap up!

    There is a GR group to read one million pages. I keep track on my 150+ page.

    1. Thanks for informing me. I really like this layout and think I will do similar next year.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my challenge page. I had an unexpected year, and didn't follow up with the challenge as I had hoped. Hope you have a wonderfully bookish year in 2014! Pattie from the year-long memoir challenge.

    1. That's okay. I hope you have a great year also.


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