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A Month of Rapunzel: Guest Post: Reasons to be Rapunzel

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story wrote an awesome post about why you should want to be Rapunzel. Bonnie even hosted a week long event featuring Rapunzel.  That you should totally go check out. And to top things off Bonnie is a part of Fairy Tale Fortnight coming up next month. Fairy Tale Fortnight is my favorite event and it is sure to be a blast. Without further to do read about the reasons to be Rapunzel. 

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Eight Reasons It Would Be AWESOME To Live In Rapunzel's Fairy Tale
by Bonnie Lynn Wagner

Everyone asks, “If you could live the life of any fairy tale character, who would it be…and why?”

I think many dreamers want to be Rapunzel. Compared to other fairy tale heroines, she has it relatively easy. And she's one gal who knows how to have FUN!

1. There are people out there who would REALLY rather live in a tower. After all, think about all the books you could read! (Or crafts you could do, songs you could write, whatever your passion is!) But seriously. Trapped in a tower, you have a LOT of free time on your hands to indulge!

2. Okay, so the part where your prince gets blinded isn’t that cool. But think about it! He doesn’t have to see that horrendous new haircut that looks HORRIBLE, the zit that no amount of cover-up can conceal, the tomato sauce dribbled down your white shirt. He loves you for you. Those embarrassing flaws are a non-issue!

3. Protection! Forget frying pans. When nothing's at hand, strong hair does all kinds of interesting things!

A fair maiden needs to have SOME way to come out on top and escape from the bad guys, right???

4. How many girls have wanted the Sailor Moon hair style? I always did, but my hair is too soft to do the odango and have it hold. Plus, it has to be crazy long to look even remotely good. Now Rapunzel? Her hair is MADE for that style. 

See? Even Flynn thinks she'll look cute!
5. Warmth! When you're locked up in a tower, you don't have many options, and everyone knows that stone towers are damp and drafty in the winter.

What if you get cold and want a blanket? Thank goodness for all that long, warm hair!

6. How can you decorate when nothing new comes in or out? If an evil witch is guarding you, she wants to make sure you're not having any fun. She'll give you a tree, but no decorations. But with long, magical hair, you can light the holiday up all by yourself!

©Brittney Lee
Don't even have a tree? No problem! There's always your hair!


You can use your favorite barrettes or whatever toys and scraps are lying around!

7. How much fun would it be to have hair so strong, you could swing on it?

 Admit it, this is one of the best scenes in Tangled! She's having So. Much. Fun!

So much that everyone wants to replicate her in real life:


She looks like she’s having so much fun, doesn’t she? I so want to do this! I’m envious of this one CosPlayer who did! To be able to be so carefree all the time? What a life!

Plus, think of the romantic situations you can get into with swinging hair:


'Nuff said!

8. Speaking of romance...well!
Having a lot of hair means you can be a little more inventive when romancing your prince!

You can be sweet and silly...


Or a little naughty...

L: ©Katikut // R: ©IleWolf

Or, if you're on the 50 Shades bandwagon, well, you can even be a lot naughty...
So what do you think? Wouldn't it be cool to be Rapunzel?


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