Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rapunzel Readathon Day 4

We are close to wrapping up this readathon. Let me tell you I have had so much fun celebrating Rapunzel with all the participants. I have finished one book and started two more. I'm about halfway through 6 Rainier Drive and almost finished the first story in Through a Tangled Wood.

Today I'm going to share some Tangled Fun Facts. You may know some of these, but tell me which ones you have never heard before.

1. Tangled is Dinsey's 50th Animated Feature

2. Mother Gothel is the 8th Disney Villain to Die
3. Tangled has the Largest Crowd Scene during the Kingdom Dance. Hunchback of Norte Dame has the 2nd Largest Crowd Scene also during a festival. This is ironic because the two movies are often compared as being very similar. Quasimodo was stolen from his parents and trapped in a tower. Rapunzel had the same fate. 

What Other Interesting Facts Do you Know about Disney's Tangled? I will see you all tomorrow for Wrap Up Posts. 

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