Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Month of Rapunzel: Rapunzel Items I Own

My joke is that I wish Tangled came out when I was a little kid so I could get Rapunzel everything. I seriously probably would have been Rapunzel for Halloween, had the barbie, the doll everything, but Tangled didn't come out until 2010. Can you believe it has been 3 years already (4 years isn't until November)? I was 16 years old so obviously I had outgrown all the things I mentioned above. I'm still in love with Rapunzel and I have gotten quite a few Rapunzel themed items that I'm going to show off today. Some picture are from the internet as mine are Christmas decorations and buried otherwise I took all the pictures myself.

My two Christmas Ornaments. The first one my mom bought for me in 2011 and the second one my friend at college bought me for Christmas 2013. I totally love them both. 

This reusable Rapunzel shopping bag. I currently use it as my knitting bag. 

My new phone case. I got it from Etsy and it is beautiful although you can't really tell that it is Rapunzel and Flynn at the bottom. 

My Rapunzel blanket. perfect for the summer because it is light, but beautiful. 

Then my Pascal bowl. I had to have this my mom thought that I was being ridiculous to want it, but it was $5 and he is so cute. 

What Rapunzel Items do you have? 


  1. Don't let age stop you from revealing your inner princess! I have a ridiculous amount of Disney merchandise, and I keep acquiring more! Of course, it helps that I have little brothers and sisters, so that I can look like I'm getting things for them, instead of for my nearly grown-up self ;)

    1. If you know me for more than a couple of days it will quickly be revealed how much I love anything Disney themed. My friends already know that anything Disney is safe to get me for my birthday, Christmas. I just fall in love with anything Disney related.

  2. I am behind on blogging from Spring Break so I am catching up on posts now. I like the cell phone case! I want a cute one too but I drop my phone too much so I have to have a really strong one like Otter.

    1. I have only dropped this phone a couple of times and it always has been on carpet, but I'm literally so afraid to drop it that I always make sure to put it in my pocket and zip the pocket up.


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