Saturday, December 27, 2014

My To-Be Read List starting January 2015

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For the past two years I have used Random Reads as my goal to get the my TBR list down and this year I read a lot of great books that I may have not otherwise picked up without Random Reads. With Random Reads a random number generator picked which book I would read and I did not feel obligated to read the book within that month. For example I read my January random read in February. My February and March random read in April and so on and so forth. I wanted to read 11 random read books this year and I was only able to get to 8. My hope is that My To-Be Read List will push me to not only read books that I might otherwise not read and push me to complete the book within the month. 

Another great part of My To-Be Read List is that the random number generator is getting thrown out the window and you guys, my readers, get to choose which book I will be reading. I am going to pick three books either out of my TBR jar or my Goodreads TBR list and then for a week you guys will vote on which book you would like me to read. Whichever book wins is the book I will read for the given month. 

Michelle likes to base hers on the Saturdays of the month. Since I don't follow a set blogging schedule it isn't a big deal which day this feature goes up. I'm going to base My To-Be Read List off of the 1st of the month. Here's My Schedule for January.

January 1st- My choices will go up
January 8th- My Winner will be revealed
January 31st- My review will go up

So there is kind of the background for My To-Be Read List. I believe this will be a fun meme to participate in on my blog and I'm excited to start this meme in January. 

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