Saturday, December 13, 2014

Merry Christmas Survey 2014

Hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl I love Christmas so I'm totally on board to complete this survey. 

When do you begin watching Holiday movies?
I begin watching Christmas movies on the day Hallmark starts airing them. This year they began on Halloween, but I'm pretty sure I didn't watch my first movie until November 1st. I know this is really early, but I love Christmas movies and I can't tell Hallmark what to do, so I just go with it. Amongst the judgmental looks from my friends. 
What’s your favorite Holiday movie? Do you have a favorite scene? A favorite line?
I have so many favorite Christmas movies, but it just wouldn't feel like Christmas if I didn't answer this question with A Christmas Story. My favorite scene is where Flick gets his tongue stuck to the pole. "Stuck, Stuck, Stuck! Please Come Back." "Well what are we going to do?" "I don't know the bell rang." "Come back." 
What’s your favorite TV special?
I love the Home and Family Holiday Special on Hallmark. I also enjoy the CMA Country Christmas.
Are there any specials from your childhood days that you wish would make a come back?
One of my favorite Christmas movies as a child was Anabelle's Wish, which does not come on TV anymore. I still have the VHS and DVD so I watch it every Holiday season. I also really enjoy Frosty the Snowman, Roduloph the Red Nose Reindeer, Charlie Brown's Christmas, The Year Without Santa Claus. ABC family plays all these specials to this day. 
When do you start listening to Christmas music?
I start about the 2nd week of November usually around November 15th. My Christmas CD's go on a rotation so I can get them all listened to before Christmas. I continue Christmas music until about the first week of January. 
What are some of your favorite albums?
Christmas with Scotty by Scotty McCreery
On this Winter's Night by Lady Antebellum
Let It Snow by Jewel
A Charlie Brown Christmas
an so many more. 

Is there a particular album you couldn’t do without because it “makes” it feel like Christmas?
A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of our favorites. We also love the Partridge Family this time of year. 
What’s your favorite Christmas song? Traditional? Nontraditional?
My favorite song is Hark the Herald Angel's Sing. I also like Mary Did you Know?, What Child is This?, Can you hear what I hear?, and Where are you Christmas?
If you were to make your own holiday mix what would it have on it?
Hark the Herald Angel's Sing by Jewel
Mary Did you Know by Scotty McCreery
Christmas in Heaven by Scotty McCreery
A Holly Jolly Christmas by Lady Antebellum
Blue Crystal Glow by Jewel
On this Winter's Night by Lady Antebellum
The Blessings by Alabama
What Child is This? by Martina McBride
Can you hear what I hear? by Carrie Underwood
O Holy Night by Carrie Underwood
It's Christmastime by Jewel
Silver Bells by Lady Antebellum
Where are you Christmas? by Faith Hill
I love Country Christmas music. 
Do you have any favorite holiday-themed books?
I love all the Debbie Macomber Christmas books i have read. My favorite children's book is Twas the Night before Christmas. 
Is there a book (or two) that you make a point of reading each year?
I usually read Twas the Night before Christmas every year. It is such a fun story. 
What about recipes? Do you have a special food (or drink) that you make or bake only during the holidays?
We drink eggnog and make good old Chocolate Chip cookies. 
What’s your favorite memory of Christmas as a child?
The memory of will will always be my favorite. My parents always took us to see Santa at the Mall of America, we received reindeer food in the mail, and had a key to put on the door. A quote from the Polar Express which says "Christmas will always live in your heart." I think Santa is the spirit of Christmas. The joy of giving and that is why Santa is such a special part of my life. I will gladly share Santa with my kids one day. 
What’s your favorite memory of Christmas as an adult?
I've barely been an adult, but I would say this year has been my favorite. I received quite a few children's books from my friends that I have had my eyes on. I'm very happy. I loved to see the look on their faces when they opened their gifts also. 
Let’s talk gifts. What’s on your wish list this year?
I have some movies and books I would like. Otherwise my main item is a silverware sorter. 
When do you begin shopping? Is it something you love or hate?
I always get mine done early. I love Christmas shopping. I'm usually done by the first week of December. 
When do you do gifts–Christmas Eve or Christmas?
We open gifts on Christmas morning. It is always a special part of our holiday tradition. I have a special surprise for my sister this year, so I'm excited to watch her open that present. 
Is Christmas Eve family time? Or rushing around crazy time? Or a bit of both?
Christmas Eve is usually spent with my grandparents. We usually have dinner and then go to church. 
List your favorite things about Christmas.
Christmas is a magical time of year. The Christmas spirit is something I wish we could keep going all year around. I love watching Holiday movies, listening to Holiday music, spending time with family, opening presents, decorating for the Holidays, baking Christmas cookies, leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, and at this point and time the break I get from college.

Merry Christmas Everybody! I encourage you to fill out this survey. Cheers to my Favorite Time of the Year. 


  1. A Christmas Story has been a favorite for our family a long time too. I just love the scene where the boy is all bundled up and has a hard time running. It reminds me of my own childhood lol

    1. I can't put my arms down. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Rachael!

    Thanks so much for participating, and for linking up your survey to my blog! I also love Hallmark's Christmas movies. Which ones are your favorites? Can you believe I've still never seen A Christmas Story? I've heard so many people rave about it, but I've not gotten to it yet. I love that you have a Christmas music rotation. I should really do something like that. Great memories and traditions. :) I love hearing what other people enjoy doing over Christmastime!

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

    1. I love November Christmas, The Town Christmas Forgot, Silver Bells, The Christmas Ornament, A Very Merry Mix Up, and so many more. You need to make it a goal to watch a Christmas Story. It is a Christmas classic. We have watched it on repeat for years.


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