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Out with the Old & In with the New January 2014

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I was not going to A Year in Books this year since I posted a wrap up every month. This will be a great way to showcase the books I read in 2014 and tell you about the goals I have for myself in 2015. 

Out With The Old: January 2014

Books Read: 6
Books Reviewed: 4
Favorite Book Read: (such a hard choice) Its a tie between Incarnate, Pivot Point, and Allegiant
Favorite Post: Book That Relates to a Life Event
This post was very personal for me and very hard to write especially as the third anniversary of my friend Lizzy's mother's death is nearing again. It will be three years this year and I still think of Krista's accident often. It still is a day I will never forget. A lot of things have changed for my friend Lizzy this year. She began a mom at 19 years old to a beautiful baby girl, Aubree Krista. I think her daughter is a great tribute to her mother. Lizzy did not plan to be a young mother, but she is enjoying life with her little girl. You can read the post for the whole entire story. It is something that really changed Lizzy's life, but has also had an impact on my life.

So for me January was all about wrapping up 2013 and making goals for the New Year. I think now is a great time to look at the goals I set for myself and see if I completed them. The post can be found here. 

1. Blog Design
Check and Check. I wanted a custom blog design and that is exactly what I got thanks to the wonderful Debz Bookshelf. 
2. Bring Back the TBR Pile
Check on this one also. I brought it back and I stuck to it for most of the year.
3. Monthly Wrap Up
I also brought this feature back. College did not allow me a whole lot of time so I have combined some of the wrap ups, but overall I have done great with this goal.
4. Participate in More Events
This goal went pretty well. I participate in quite a few reading events this summer and had a lot of fun. I did several read-a-thons this year and overall had a lot of fun.
5. Read the Books I want to Read
This one I think could continue to see improvement. I do think I read quite a few books this year that I have been wanting to read for a while, but there are still plenty more. One thing I know is that my TBR will never be at zero.
6. Read 60 Books
This one is complete. I have 69 books so far this year.
7. Continue to Comment Around the Blogosphere
I want to continue to do this in 2015. I think I did okay this year, but I always could do more.
8. Continue to Read the Authors I Love
I would say this one was a fail. I wanted to catch up with authors I have loved for a while such as Jodi Picoult, and Nicholas Sparks. I read 1 book from each of those authors this year. The great news is that I found so many new authors to love.
9. Finish the Series I Started
I finished Divergent Trilogy, The Mortal Instruments, Burn for Burn Trilogy, and NewSoul Trilogy. I still have series I need to finish, but this is a start.
10. Continue to Have Fun
I still love blogging and it is still something I spend quite a bit of time doing. This goal is sill going strong.

In With The New: Goal #1

In 2015 I plan to begin participating in To Be Read List as my random book selection for 2015. I would also like to continue to participate in Top Ten Tuesday. That is my exciting news for the New Year.

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  1. It's a good idea to look at your goals from last year and compare them to what you actually got done. I have never really made goals for the blog but maybe I should. We'll see. Happy Holidays!


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