Saturday, December 20, 2014

COYER Read-A-Thon Sign Up

NewYearsRAT Dust off Shelves
ScavangerHunt BMV RAT Next in Series

Coyer Started and I'm starting off the Challenge by signing up for all the Read-A-Thons. The one I'm most excited about is the Scavanger Hunt Read-A-Thon. I think the Read-A-Thon's will help me to clean out my kindle and I guess possibly gain more Kindle books.

New Year's Read-A-Thon is from January 1st-January 4th
Dusting off the Shelves Read-A-Thon is from January 12th-16th
Scavenger Hunt Read-A-Thon is from January 25th-February 8th
Be My Valentine Read-A-Thon is from February 12th-16th
Next in the Series Read-A-Thon is from February 26th-28th


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