Sunday, May 17, 2015

Coyer Scavenger Hunt Sign Up

Hosted by Berls, Michelle, and Stormi

I'm so excited that it is time again to sign up for COYER. I always love participating in this event and this will be my third time participating. This COYER is a little different since the Scavenger Hunt lasts the whole time and of course I will be participating. 

While the winter COYER only allows participants to read ebooks this COYER you can read any format as long as you own the book previously. I have been looking at my physical and ebook tbr to fill in the scavenger hunt categories. 

I will try to do lots of updates on this challenge as I complete the scavenger hunt list. I have not been writing reviews for a long time, but this may help me to get back on the review bandwagon or at least write short reviews on goodreads. 


  1. Rachael,

    So glad to see you joining in on the Hunt! I hope you have a lot of fun.


  2. Have fun matching up books from the scavenger hunt list - that's always fun for me :) Good luck!

  3. This will be so much fun, I think. I'm excited about participating. I wish you luck with your goals. I know getting back in the habit of reviewing after not doing so for awhile can be hard. You can do it though. :-)


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