Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 2 of Summer Vacation 5-18-5-24

These first two weeks of summer have just flown by. I have been loving being home. I started my first summer class this week. As of today I'm currently ready to take the chapter 5 quiz, but avoiding it.

Monday May 18- Monday was freezing, but I decided to go for a run anyways. It ended up being a pretty short run. I ran 1.28 miles in 13:09.

Monday was my siblings final day of school and they surprised me by coming home early.

Tuesday May 19- Today  was a rest day. My siblings had to go to school to check out, but otherwise were home with me for most of the day. My sister and I went shopping. We didn't end up buying anything, but we did decide to go get frozen yogurt, which is our guilty treat during the summer.

Wednesday May 20- I went for a long run today. 3.14 miles in 37:07 seconds. Quite a bit of walking on this run, but my longest run on the gravel so far. I might drive into town next week just to mix up my running areas.

We were also able to install Zoo Tycoon 2 on our Windows 7 computer and have been having so much fun playing one of our favorite games from childhood.

We went to my neighbor's house and we got to see her granddaughter her is now a month old after all the daycare kids left. I don't get to hold that small of babies very often, so it has been a really treat getting to hold her and spoil her while she is little.

Thursday May 21- Rest Day

We spent the morning at home. We had grilled cheese for lunch. We went to my neighbor's in the afternoon and got to play outside with the kids.

Friday May 22- Skip Day

I woke up late and the temp was already around 60 so I decided to let myself skip my run. I need to start getting up earlier especially since I'm going to have to fit my runs in before work now.

Saturday May 23- We planted our garden. It was a tiring job, but it got finished and hopefully we will get lots of tomatoes and lettuce to show for our work. We also ran into town quick to pick up groceries.

Sunday May 24- Today we have been relaxing at home and getting laundry done.

This week I start work for the summer. I work at a local daycare. I'm excited to return back to work, but have adjusted to life without working in the mix so it will be another change of routine. Goal 1 of this week is to be up by 8:00 everyday and if it is a run day out the door by 8:15. I'm also hoping it will get warm enough for us to hit the pool this week because I miss my time in the water I get at school. Otherwise this should be another fun, exciting week! I'm going to keep working on my class to get that done before my second class starts.


  1. So awesome that you planted a garden! I can only imagine how much work it was, but I bet the lettuce and tomatoes will be incredible! Homemade salsa or spaghetti sauce with garden-fresh tomatoes? YUM!

    1. We plant one every year, but have not had good luck for awhile, so I'm praying that we get a lot this year. Thanks for stopping by Liv.


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